Cedar Point Legacy Walk

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The Legacy Walk celebrates families, guests, fans and visitors with inscribed bricks, set in a circular pattern. Whether a tribute to a family member, a celebration of an annual tradition or just for fun, the bricks of the Legacy Walk will display custom text, such as guests names, hometowns and years visited.

Get the full details on this and all of today's announcements at https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/150th-anniversary-announcement

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...I already ordered a brick...

I'm a sucker, but I think it's cool. lol

So... I'm trying to purchase one of the bricks with the image on it.. On the blog post it shows a larger top line of text with two smaller lines of text on the right side with the picture on the left. When you go to purchase it shows three small lines of text to the right of the picture only and no way to view what the text will look like once finished. Depending on the actual way the text is situated, the text I would input would be completely different. For $100 I want to know what it will look like before submitting. I have tried contacting the park, was transferred to marketing, and left a voicemail.. I do not have twitter to ask Tony and the Facebook messenger is a bot that doesn't help. Has anyone purchased that may have an idea?

^ Okay. So I just received a call back from the park and they informed me that it will be determined by the person etching the bricks of how the text will look best based on their judgement.. While I would rather know what it would look like before purchasing, it is what it is I guess..

Based on other etched image bricks I have seen in various other implementations, I’d 100% go with simple text as opposed to the amorphous blob I’m sure the “image” would come out as.

Bought my brick(s). I don't know if they will be there forever (they are removing the brick at the Magic Kingdom I believe). But, I wanted to be a small part of their future since we are a part of their past. Loved the idea.

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I decided as a Christmas gift to my three boys to reveal that I bought a brick in their name as well as their first year of visit (which is also their birth year). Not sure how long these bricks will be in place (I’m hoping a couple of decades) but I think it would be a really cool landmark for them at a place they frequent and love as they are getting older.

My parents bought a brick at the Cleveland Lakefront back in the early 90’s before the Rock Hall and Science Center was built. I’m pretty sure it’s still there. It’s unfortunate that none of us get out there that much.

We should figure out a way to chip in on bricks for John and Pete.

I’ll be getting one, but same as TNT above, I’d want it a certain way. These things must be done carefully...

My first visit that I can actually remember was when we visited the “new” park from Cleveland in 1962, and I was just coming out of second grade. My parents aren’t around to ask, but I was born in Sandusky and I know they went to CP just about every night when she was pregnant with me. But after I was born? They lived there for two more years, so it’s likely that I could put 1954 as my first visit. Or 1953 in utero, lol.
And I’d like to get a brick to honor the memory of my best friend who I met when I worked at CP in the 70’s. He was one of the biggest fans of CP I’ve ever known. (I imagine he’d still be working there if they’d have let him.) He is now deceased and I can’t think of a better tribute to him. He would’ve just loved this.

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Ray Barker said:

We should figure out a way to chip in on bricks for John and Pete.

I was literally just thinking of posting something like this. Someone should open a patreon or something so we can all donate a few bucks- that'd way they'd be from all of us. :)

Proud 5th Liner and CP fan since 1986.

Will be bringing crayon and paper to make etchings of our brick.

LoL...but will be doing this.

Sollybeast said:

Ray Barker said:

We should figure out a way to chip in on bricks for John and Pete.

I was literally just thinking of posting something like this. Someone should open a patreon or something so we can all donate a few bucks- that'd way they'd be from all of us. :)

Bricks are paid for via PayPal (no processing fees!)

If anyone wants to volunteer to take the lead I'll gladly throw in some cash too. I think these guys would appreciate it.

See now I think this was a pretty sweet idea, and I expected it to be more expensive. I honestly have no idea when my first visit was (I know I was a little kid and it was probably the late 80s) but I am definitely planning on ordering a brick for me and my girlfriend since CP has become an annual tradition for us.

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I would gladly contribute to a Pete brick...

I miss him a lot.

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My uncle and I both agreed to get each other a brick for Christmas this year. Just ordered mine. I'm curious if the park will provide a map with areas where your brick will be located, or if we'll just have to find them next season. Either way, love the promotion.

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The Legacy Walk will be located somewhere on the main midway, but I wonder where? I’m not sure where I’d place it if it were up to me, maybe near the entrance. That way just about everyone using the main gate will walk all over us.
Then again, maybe it’s not such a good idea...

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Regardless, we need photos on opening day. I am trying to visualize potentially hundreds of people crawling on their hands and knees bumping heads trying to find their brick.

I’ll do it. I’ll set up a PayPal Money Pool. How long should we run it for?


I set it up open ended... There is a $200 goal but we can go to whatever amount. I set to show who donates but how much they donated. Here’s the link...


PS- If it doesn’t work out I’ll refund all donations.

Jeff would you copy this to PointBuzz’s Facebook and Twitter, please?

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I’m in for 10. Thanks Shane for taking the initiative.

Glad I get to be a part of it some way. I asked my 14yo what he thought of a family brick as a family Christmas gift and he was not thrilled with the idea. “I am there the ride coasters not stare at the ground, what a waste”. Kids these days.

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