Cedar Point Legacy Walk

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Not all kids!

Despite already buying one in my boys’ name my 13 year old found out about the Legacy Walk and wanted it as a last minute add to his Christmas list. I had to play it cool like I was already done shopping (which I am) and maybe it could be a birthday gift for him in February. :-D

I think we are gonna buy a brick for our family. I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

Couple questions... What’s the deadline to buy? And is this expected to be set up this year?


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Cedar Point said:

Order by February 29, 2020, to be part of the unveiling of the Legacy Walk in May 2020.

You may order your customized brick securely online. But hurry! We only have a limited number of bricks available.

Cedar Point reserves the right to refuse production of any personalized brick submitted with content deemed inappropriate. All sales are final.

So no Pete quotes from the Surf Lounge or his boat. 🤣

HeyIsntThatRob? said:

my 13 year old found out about the Legacy Walk

Holy crap am I getting old...

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Red Garter Rob said:

Holy crap am I getting old...

This is how I feel when I think about working at GL was almost 20 years ago now.. :( lol

Shane Denmark said:

I set it up open ended... There is a $200 goal but we can go to whatever amount. I set to show who donates but how much they donated. Here’s the link...


PS- If it doesn’t work out I’ll refund all donations.

Jeff would you copy this to PointBuzz’s Facebook and Twitter, please?

Donated $10 as well.

5 days in, we have 5 donors for a total of $45... Come on, guys! Any little bit will be appreciated?


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I totally intend on donating as soon as I get paid next week. Xmas tapped me out :(

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Oh we oh we oh...

$15... You know who you are. That was some funny stuff.


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I'm super excited to see our brick in the Legacy Walk for years to come. I wonder if this is the only time they will be allowing people to buy bricks or can it be done every off season?

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I don’t see why not. Not like there is a shortage of concrete than can be replaced with pavers. Who knows maybe they will build a wall with them eventually. A big beautiful perfect historic wall like no one has ever seen before. :D

And guess who is going to pay for it?

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I just wish they had a way to preview what the brick would look like. I have a few different ideas (they all say the same thing essentially) for a brick. But I don’t want it to look too jumbled, especially if we go with the graphic.


Maybe I missed it, but did they say WHERE the Legacy Walk would be?


On the Main Midway. That was all.

The FAQ was updated to say on the Main Midway near Kiddy Kingdom.

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I want mine to be as close to the old location of Sir Rub A Dubs Rubs as I can get

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I'm getting the impression that you REALLY liked Sir Rub A Dubs Tubs.

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After two weeks we have $75 from 7 donors for the Pete & John Brick Collection...


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operative_me said:

I'm getting the impression that you REALLY liked Sir Rub A Dubs Tubs.

It's my favorite ride from when I was a kid. It's all I would ride and my mom would ride ti with me. Thunder Candon is too scary and its not the same. Now I go to the park and get some BBQ (looooove the sausage) and sit over by maxair and think about the times i spent over there when i was younger

The Pete & John Brick Club has stalled at $75 after a bit less than 4 weeks... Anyone else interested in donating? I’d like to get to $210; that would let us do a brick for each of them and a replica to send to each of their families.


Maybe I’ll get Sally Struthers to come help ask for donations.

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