Cedar Point Legacy Walk

I think I agree with CPfan1976, Pointbuzz remembers, Proper name, dates.

They did have a few sample bricks on display on Sat....there was one with the carousel horse....now I REALLY want to see OUR family brick even more!

How many letters across do you have to work with? CAn you put the nickname in parentheses next to the name? I like the 3 lines approach also.

I seem to remember that it was limited to 20 spaces per line, 3 lines max.

Yep it’s 3 lines, 20 characters per line...

Pete’s obituary lists his name as “Peter A. Babic”... Do we want to go with that, or stick with “Pete Babic” as he was known here?

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I don't know of anyone that ever called him anything other than Pete.

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Last question, then I’ll get these ordered Saturday afternoon... Any preference on a graphic? Skyline & Train, 150 Flag, Carousel Horse, or Coaster Hilltop?

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...if only they had a boat...

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My vote would be for the Carousel horse.

I don’t have a dime in this, but I think the 150 is the best choice. It’s the occasion, after all, and it’s something that they each will now miss, sadly. There’s your tribute.

Last call for input on the bricks... So far it looks like we are going with

Pointbuzz Remembers

first and last name

born - passed dates

As for a graphic, I like RCMAC’s 150th idea. WolfBobs mentioned the carousel horse, were either of them big on carousels? I’ll check back here this afternoon and order the bricks this evening.


Sounds good Shane...I do like the 150th logo. Very nice that you took the lead on this project.

Will be sure to look for the bricks on opening day, while looking for ours.

We went for the carousel, as that was always our family last ride when leaving the park -esp when daughter was young. Then hubby would hit the fudge store at the end of the midway right near the carousel. Family memory for us.

Chill Out had bricks on display...cant wait to see them.

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Shane Denmark, great props to you for taking the initiative on something so thoughtful for the memory of those two men. Also props to all who were moved enough to donate. It kind of shows that behind these keyboards there are living, breathing people with emotions & caring hearts.

Ordered... And of course I fat-fingered Pete’s birth date. I have an email in to make the correction.

Thanks to all that donated or gave input on design... I’m really proud to be a part of this group.


As Ru Paul always says, reading is fundamental. I’m sure she’d say the same about proof reading.

If only our government could work together like this, imagine what we could do as a country. I have never met any of you in person and I'm sure that is likewise for many others on here, yet look what we have accomplished together. Well done all and thanks Shane for pulling the purchase/donation process together.

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So who has gotten their mini bricks? Any email letting you know they were coming? Wondering what the lead time is on them.

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I see on FB where some have posted photos of their bricks. So yes, somebody has gotten theirs. I ordered the day before deadline so I reckon I won’t see mine for a while.

We ordered our brick just before Christmas, and just received our replica last week. No e-mail or other notice, and we received it in a bubble bag in regular mail.

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Nice. Just curious...and anxious, I guess! Ha! Will it be a search situation or do you have an idea where your brick is at on the walk?

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vw- I think they said they would give you an idea of the location...


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