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vwhoward said:
Now why would they not be able to do so legally?

Because it's gambling?

^ Well that's certainly not the reason why. Most forms of gambling are legal now in most parts of the US, including "skill-based amusement games" in Ohio.

One could easily argue that playing any of the other games at Cedar Point where you can win a prize or tickets is a form of gambling.

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The devil is in the details; a personal hope of mine is that for this new stretch of boardwalk around the pavilion, and whatever it includes, is that the boardwalk is actually....you know...a boardwalk.

Made out of boards that you walk on.

Just give me that classic look around the new Grand Pavilion, and I'll try to pretend it's not really just a big sidewalk the rest of the way.

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I know the Boardwalk section is a bit of a joke but wouldn’t it be cool if they did a more intensive theme around there, with the Pavilion as a centerpiece? Paint the existing rides in beach-y colors, (I’m afraid Tiki Twirl may have to go…) add a couple more, theme up some game stalls, and food stands, give everything a vintage look. Even Giant Wheel and Windseeker may benefit from that.
The Boardwalk area at Knott’s that has the coaster, the flying scooter and the scrambler can lead by example.

Since you mentioned coaster at Knott's, I mentioned in another thread that a similar Gerstlauer would fit that area perfectly. I'm all for the pavilion, boardwalk theme, and other add-ons you mentioned. I just hope the park has plans to add one of those coasters as well sometime down the line.

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RCMAC, Fascination is still operating in multiple parks in the country. I've recently played it and flashed back to my earlier years at the point.

Pyro, it is absolutely not gambling. It's a carny game. Like every other amusement park game.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Yes, I’ve seen them and played them too. I’m always happy to run across one as they’re so rare. Indiana Beach still has theirs, and most recently I played Knoebels.
Those two parks in particular have had to rig their games to bring them up to date, especially in light of unavailable parts. Covid and work shortages did the game no favor either, it’s kind of high contact and as I said, labor intensive. At Knoebels I seem to remember they fixed boxes on each alley that automatically collected the coins. At Indiana Beach they switched out the old telephone relay system for something electronic.
It seems back in the day every park had a parlor, I remember playing at Kennywood and Geauga.
There may be a few left, but it doesn’t mean they’re not the last of them.
“At the sound of the bell… Roll ‘em!”

I was just coming here to say that I'm also not reading too much into the teasers, but I can now ask how we're all feeling about the rumor (per Screamscape and an apparent construction permit posted to Reddit) that CP is getting CGA's Psycho Mouse as part of this expansion!

If true, I'll just say that CF's current leadership continues to surprise me... Lol

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I am really excited for what can be coming! I also am hoping for a real boardwalk. I really hope that they push into the boardwalk aesthetic. While I would not be surprised if CP got Psycho Mouse, Im not sure I would expect CGA rides to be traveling to other parks quiet yet.

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Along with CGA's Wild Mouse coaster, I'd also like to see them relocate their Golden Zephyr (rocket ship ride) along with their Jumpin Jellyfish ride for kids to Cedar Point. All 3 would fit nicely in this area if it is in fact newly "boardwalk" themed.

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Dunno, Psycho Mouse seems kind of... plain for Cedar Point.

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Scott Cameron said:

Since you mentioned coaster at Knott's, I mentioned in another thread that a similar Gerstlauer would fit that area perfectly.

We recently visited Knott's, and I could not agree more. Hangtime was our favorite ride in the park. Tons of fun in a relatively small footprint.

I would take that reddit rumor with a large grain of salt. It seems that Santa Clara isn't going to give up the park without a fight, and while I would not expect it to operate 11 years in either case, already moving rides seems a bit premature.

I suppose a little mouse coaster could theoretically add to the "family coaster" lineup, and it would make sense so close to the kiddie areas, but I think of more than a handful of family-esque coasters I would choose over one of those models.

I agree wholeheartedly with what Brandon and RCMAC suggested. Give this area some much-needed theme that ties it all together, and what better them to use than the classic Boardwalk with the pavilion as the centerpiece. Beautiful idea.

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Oh, gosh, Psycho Mouse? Please, no.
I spent the better part of an hour waiting for my credit on that one. And maybe it was a Cali thing, but operations were slow with dispatches timed so there were seldom 2 cars on the circuit at the same time. It drove me crazy, as I know it’s blocked for something better.
It’s an Arrow model, IMO not one of the best of the genre. I’d be in favor of a mouse of some kind, but at the very least an extended version of Mack’s wild mouse like Knott’s Coast Rider or KD’s Apple Zapple. But still, both of those rides are loaded with trims for more of a ho-hum experience.
This relocation would have two things going for it- it would add a family coaster to the line up, and it would be cost efficient. But as Kevin infers, nothing says beach-side these days like a good Gerstlauer, right?
Ohio has been without a mouse-style ride for a long time- back in the 60’s every park has one. I’d hope that CP would scrap the Psycho Mouse name and instead nod toward it’s coaster history and call the new ride Scamper.

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Kevinj said:

It just oddly disappeared completely from the park this year after previously being available in three locations; 1) Mrs. Keats, now serving Chipotle, 2) BackStreet BBQ, and 3) Lakeside (or whatever that place that is never open near Gatekeeper is called).

When the Lakeside location first offered perch sandwiches, they were stacking those buns pretty good with perch fillets for the first few weeks. I thought I had found my forever place for meal plan food! But then someone must have told the front line workers to stop giving away the perch and they cut back. Still - perch is perch! When they stopped serving it altogether, I was sad. I would LOVE to see that brought back in some fashion.

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It looks like the "leaked" photo is a fake. The second highest comment did some digging. When you go to the city of Sandusky's website and look at the project number it pulls up a different project.

Crisis averted.

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Thank god. Now I can go back to bed.

What's the capacity on those Arrow Mouse rides the way they Cedar Fair has been operating them? Can't be more than about 200 per hour the way they run them at both Michigan's Adventure and Valleyfair. Seems like a bad fit for a park with the attendance of Cedar Point. I know reducing debt is a focus and I think that's smart, but it'd almost be better to hold off for a few years than to add a ride like that.


Yes, that was my point and it looks like it’s not firm anyway.
I know the day I rode Psycho Mouse at CaGrAm the capacity was abysmal. They waited for the car to clear what seemed like three or four blocks before sending the next one. I think that led to only 3 on the track anyway. It was so slooooow.

I think CP is gonna do a boardwalk area like Knotts Berry Farm!

That’s nice that they want to do a boardwalk theme, but why do we need the pavilion? The entire goal for the front of the park was to NOT block the views of the beach. That’s why Oceana, the sports stadium, and Disaster Transport all left. Plus I am also glad that their food offerings have gotten better, but we don’t need new food options every single year. I understand that not everybody likes rides, but instead of bringing new restaurants and food so close together why not put more rides they have a whole bunch of space?

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