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Yes bathrooms get messy, but an updated room with AC makes it much easier to put up with and helps with the smells on a hot muggy day. I absolutely pick and choose which ones to use at the park based on experience and ick factor. People with families don’t want their kids to wander into a dank cement pit. Let’s put the Rest back in Restrooms.

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I also imagine that there are newer fixture materials and designs that would be substantially easier to clean, both throughout the day and at the end of a day.

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Realistically, I would not foresee a whole-scale replacement/renovation of all the restroom s at CP. Rather, when different areas of the park have major reconstruction or rides/restaurants built, then they can incorporate restroom facilities into the area. Although, about the only recent example I can recall is Forbidden Frontier. That is the "go-to" one when you "gotta-go". Where else can you have privacy as well as air conditioning?

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jimmyburke said:

Realistically, I would not foresee a whole-scale replacement/renovation of all the restroom s at CP. Rather, when different areas

I thought they would have done this with the front gate bathroom. The outside looks great but the Inside takes me back to the old cleveland stadium

First ride; Magnum 1994

The stadium that had troughs in the men's room? While not glamorous by any stretch, I think the front gate bathroom is a few levels above that.

I saw this in an article about airport improvements and couldn't help but laugh. Must be getting quite the renovation!

The main airports in Detroit and Philadelphia will get more than $20 million each to renovate their restrooms.

Kings Island update a couple of their bathrooms. They have dividers between the urinals, upgraded tile on the walls and upgraded sinks. These would be nice improvements to do to Cedar Points bathrooms.

I found the Cedar Point bathrooms were pretty clean when we visited in early June. Restrooms attendants were almost always in the bathrooms cleaning.

At home it is referred to as the bathroom. Most public places have a restroom (no bathing facilities in sight). And in Europe they call it what it is the toilet!

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I don't think the restrooms are all that bad, but it's very stupid to just hose them out mid-day as they apparently do. If there's no air conditioning in the room, then they just get more humid and wet everywhere. If it does have AC, then it gets cold and wet everywhere. What's gross isn't the dirt or even the bugs, it's that they clean them like animal cages.

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Or like Bourbon Street at 5am.
Don’t ask me how I know.

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Not sure why I was typing bathroom instead of restroom. Must have been the long day of work and lack of sleep!

Whelp, there is now a fenced-in staging area next to Breakers express. I’m very confident a large scale rollercoaster isn’t coming next year, and it seems odd they’d need this big of an area for a couple of new flats. The only thing I can think of is it’s for Dragster..interestingly the chain link fence itself is covered limiting visibility. Unlike when Valravn parts were staged there they didn’t add a fence cover.

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Could be for steel for the new building.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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Would love for someone to get some photos!

Gotta walk to Breakers for a #2, then you're just a shy pooper. I've known guys at work who claim to "only poop at their house" and won't do it at the station. I'm not sure why it's such an issue. All you gotta do it walk in, grab a small handful of paper towels and give the seat a little wipe down and you're good to go. It's not a long process and that's why I don't get why everyone's acting like they need to be renovated. It's literally a building for people to poop in. Do your business and get back to your day at the park.


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Vince982 said:

Could be for steel for the new building.

There is already steel on site for parts of it. I suppose it’s possible but with all of the buildings they’ve built over the past few years they haven’t stored materials off site like that.

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Shades said:

The stadium that had troughs in the men's room?

Yes, old Municipal Stadium had trough urinals. On full capacity game days, trashcans and sinks would be used as well when the rest rooms were so crowded.

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I don't think they would store materials for a building off-site. That's not how the experts on HGTV do it. On the other hand, I don't think a coaster will be added for the 2023 season, so, not sure what they would put off-site, behind covered fences, shrouded in such secrecy.

Okay, enough about the rest rooms…

But why is it that there are more changing rooms (4 in each side) in the restrooms under the Frontier Lift station than there are in the entire waterpark (6 total)?

By “changing room” I mean a private space for changing clothes which is NOT shared with a toilet or shower, preferably with a bench, shelf, and/or hook so you can keep your clothes off the (probably wet) floor. Why doesn’t CP Shores have like a hundred of these?

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Ah the ol' bathroom conversation, a perennial favorite. I rank it just above the "impossible" Forbidden Frontier bridge and lack of trees conversations.

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F1rePhant0m said:

One could easily argue that playing any of the other games at Cedar Point where you can win a prize or tickets is a form of gambling.

The legal litmus test for gambling is a chance for a prize for a price. All 3 criteria must be present for an activity to meet the legal definition of gambling.

The key word here is "chance."

If it is a game of skill, not gambling. If it is a game of the luck of the draw so to speak, then it is gambling.

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