Best food in the park?

Famous Dave's two-person platter was great and fed two adults and my 9-year-old son just fine.

I'd have to agree with you guys that say outside the park, Famous Dave's is the best. For Inside the park, I like going to Panda Express.Lately I've been going to Los Gatos Cafe. Anybody ever go there? They have great tasting tacos for a reasonable price. I would also compare them to Taco Bell in a way too.

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I suppose I should let you guys know what we ended up having for lunch all those weeks ago! We went to Johnny Rocket's first but the wait for a table was insane. We were waiting for a good 15 minutes or so with no service before I decided to leave. We then headed over to check out Pink's and I was ready for a delicious hot dog... until I looked at the prices. $10 for a hot dog and an additional $5 for fries? No thank you.

We ended up leaving the park and eating at The Brick Oven Bistro on Cleveland Road. It was only a short drive from the park and they have some seriously good pizza. Much better (and cheaper) than anything we would have gotten in the park! We had sodas and two 9" pizzas, and a bowl of homemade soup for around $26. You guys should definitely check it out.

You know, I was just thinking. Let's say one of the CP restaurants go away in the future; like 5-10 years away. I would vote for a Buffalo Wild wings to come in. I think that would be a popular destination for families and those that want to be around the sports and drink Beer.

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While I agree BWW would probably be popular, as a lower budget TGIF style grub spot.

But 'Best Food in the Park' topic might not be the best place for this suggestion.

The BWW in Sandusky/Perkins usually pretty busy off season, but its nothing special. Fried bar food mostly...

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While BWW may not be anything special, they are consistent, at least in my experience. And the park could certainly benefit from consistency when it comes to food.


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They've been consistent for two or three decades, in fact. That said, it doesn't mean the service is. There are several Cleveland locations that are top notch (the one on 250 is also solid), but those in Orlando, all owned by the same franchisee, have consistently awful service.

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Well aside from my suggestion I made a couple days ago, I just wanted to let everyone know that the food place up front has some great tasting Fudge! Has anyone else tried it? Also has anyone ever bought anything from Toot Sweets? I want to try that place on the next visit. I've been in there, but never bought.

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Yes, I got funnel cakes from Toot Sweets. They are good.

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Front page of reports we are getting a Quaker State and Lube restaurant in the Castaway Bay Hotel. Even though this isn't actually in the park, this news surprises me. I thought TGIF was a popular food choice for Cedar Point? Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, but why did TGIF get the boot?

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TGIFriday's is still popular at Breakers but I think its popularity on Cleveland Road declined. Quaker Steak and Lube will be very popular and probably have both a busy dining room and bar. It will also compete nicely with Thirsty Pony just down the road, which always has a good sized dining and bar crowd.

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I think TGIF does well at Breakers due to the captive audiance. Like so much of the CP food, you eat there because it is there.

Fridays (chain wide) has become something that resembles the original resturants in name only. Corporate "bagged and frozen" premade food that is thawed, heated and served. Gone are the days were the food and sauces were prepared at each resturant daily and served fresh. Meals I have enjoyed for decades no longer resemble the food I used to enjoy, both in presentation and in taste. I refuse to go any longer.

I was hoping that they would replace Friday's during the Breakers makeover. Guess I'll be taking the shuttle to Famous Dave's.

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Yeah, it really became a convenient (read: only) place to have beers with friends after the park closed when you were staying on-property. To that end, they've had some really great bar servers some years. But the food, ugh, such a disaster. All of the chains that are now struggling just don't get it, and can't understand why "fast casual" like Chipotle and Pei Wei are kicking their ass. Well, for one, you can see them actually cook the food!

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I'd be curious to know which of Friday's menu items are NOT microwaved.

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The ice cream? Probably the only thing not microwaved...

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Do you guys know If Quaker State and Lube is set-up the same way as TGIF where the food is heated up? Everytime I go there, It seems like everything is prepared fresh?

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I think even Friday's can probably get deep fried food right. It's not like you deep fry it, freeze it, then nuke it. (I could be horribly wrong and Friday's actually does that, of course. :))

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As far as the Fridays at Breakers goes the beer is cold and the view of the lake is great. Outisde of that I had chicken sandwhiches a few times this year and my wife ordered a salad a few times. Quaker Steak at Castaway Bay will be a good upgrade as far as I'm concerned. I have only been to a Quaker Steak maybe 2 or 3 times but never had any bad experiences, I wouldn't go so far as to say they have great food, but I do think it is better than Fridays.

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Yeah, Fridays at the Breakers is all about the bar and the view of the beach for me. I don't think I'd even notice if they closed off the dinning room.

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Chief Wahoo said:

I'd be curious to know which of Friday's menu items are NOT microwaved.

I don't really think any of it is?

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