Best food in the park?

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BackBeatQ was an utter dissapointment tonight. 5 of us with all different meal choices, and it seems CP has switched back to the old food services habits of cold, overcooked, heating lamp cafeteria food in a very unkempt, dirty, poorly stocked (utensils, sauces, napkins) dining area.

It was actually pretty disgusting and an outright shame at $69.86 for 5 meals that nobody finished.

Actually, the smoked sausage, Mac n cheese and cornbread were really good. Everything else: Brisket, rotisserie chicken, perch, chicken "tenders", beans, potato wedges, corn were very bad.

Did I mention the place was very dirty? That would be an understatement.

Other than being dirty, the place looks great and the setup is very nice, and the band stage is a nice touch (no band played today that we saw though)

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Disappointing, but not surprising.

We were so happy there on our visit, but that was early June.

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We have eaten there several times this season and the place is always clean and the food has been good. No complaints here.

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Went there for the first time on our weekend trip in June, our group liked it so much they went back again a few hours later. No complaints here

I enjoyed Backbeat in June and last week, but both times we went before noon in their first hour of operations. I like their Mac N Cheese the best in the park and chain (also had it at knotts, Carowinds, wonderland and KI). A friend and his wife went in the evening last week and were not as impressed. CP needs to work on maintaining the quality throughout the day.

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Bay Harbor is the best place...the food they serve is so delacious also there service is very goood...give it a try once.

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^^ Agree, and I still have hard time not calling it The Yacht Club.

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