Best food in the park?

I would love for Cedar Point to add a Harmony Hall type building sometime in the near future.

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If you aren't sure about where to eat in the park and are not willing to risk spending money on food you might regret I would highly recommend the all day dining plan. This is by far the best plan for the value at CP. $30 for the all day wrist band and you get to eat every 90 minutes.

My wife and I recently visited CP the week before Memorial Day and bought one plan for the two of us to split throughout each day we visited the park. Most meals in the park are between $8 and $18, so eating just two meals at the park would more than pay for the price of the wrist band. We found ourselves counting down the time til our next meal in order to take full advantage of the dining plan. Panda Express and Chick fil a are included in the dining plan, so if you enjoy these locations along with many others you will not be disappointed.

Is there anyone else out there that has bought the dining plan and taken advantage of what it has to offer?

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^ I've got the All Season Dining plan and find it to be an incredible value. Great for being able to try different food options in each visit. But I do recommend my non-season pass friends get the All Day Dining plan when they visit the park with me. As for drinks not being included, that's fine by me. I quit drinking soft drinks this year.

My favorite restaurant is Chick - Fil - A because of the delicious waffle fries and world famous chicken

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Chat and Matt's - oh wait that's not actually in the park

If you pay for parking, Famous Dave's and Bay Harbor reimburse $15 if you spend over a certain amount. Some in the hotels used to and maybe still do. Fridays was never one, though. Be sure to take your receipt with you.

Shaun said:
My favorite restaurant is Chick - Fil - A because of the delicious waffle fries and world famous chicken

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Here we go...

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I think Famous Dave's requires a minimum purchase of $25 of food only before the reimbursement. That total does not include tax or drinks.

Unless you're there by yourself, I don't see it being a problem racking up your bill to $25 at Famous Dave's.

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I was by myself, I didn't have that problem. The Burnt Ends N Ribs are $25.99 at the marina location.

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My favorite places are Toot Sweets for funnel cakes, Sweet Spot for fudge (I always get some to take home on the way out), That place up front for elephant ears, Auntie Anne's for cinnamon pretzels, and Yogurt Plus for yogurt. I don't really get too many meals at the park, mostly just snacks.

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Just reading Thabto's snacks, my glucose reading broke the meter. I hope you don't have that all in one day.

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No! I just get one of those in a day.

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Crab Fries, Cheese on a Stick, or Pinks are my usuals. However, now I tend to stick to a liquid diet of alright beers and wine in the park and enjoy my day with a side of cheese on a tray.

Still waiting for an all season drinking plan

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Happy Friar for fries and mini corn dogs. Anywhere that has Rougabrew, lol.

Am I the only one who loves Best Day Bistro? Prices are great , interesting selections, and always plenty of Cedar Point Minions!

^ What is Best day bistro?

The employee cafeteria is called the Best Day Bistro. I didn't know they allowed guests to get food there.

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