Any body have an Iphone?

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Kevinj said:
Honestly, I wouldnt take an Iphone if you gave it to me for free. No thank you. :)

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard

ebay is a click away!

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Hey, if someone were trying to give you one, I'd take it in a heartbeat (or less).

I'm not gonna pay $500 for a phone, but I would gladly take a $500 phone, either to use it or eBay it.

Why would you flat out refuse an iPhone?

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I wouldn't want to take something costly like an iPhone to work at Cedar Point. There isn't really wireless anywhere but the rec center, you probably won't get signal in your dorm room and the chances of it getting stolen are pretty great.

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Kevinj said:
Honestly, I wouldnt take an Iphone if you gave it to me for free. No thank you.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard

ebay is a click away!

I stand corrected. So if anyone would like to give me theirs for free, yes I will take it. And then promptly sell it.

I'm not sure why one would consider bringing an Iphone to Cedar Point. Isnt the "point" at Cedar Point to be getting away ?

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Its still a phone, and not bringing a cell phone to CP would be pretty silly. Its not like bringing it requires you to use it.


Why is not bringing a cell phone to CP silly? I rarely take my cell phone into a park. There's too great a chance to lose it and then I'm up sh1t creek. I don't feel the need to be tethered to anything or anyone while I'm at the park. Society was able to visit theme parks without phones for centuries. Just because we have them now doesn't mean we NEED them.

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Buy better pants.


The chance of losing your phone is too great at the park? Isn't that what fanny packs are for?

That still doesn't answer the question as to why a cell phone is imperative at Cedar Point.

When I asked the question about Wi-Fi at Cedar Point, it wasn't because I wanted to know for visiting purposes. I asked because I want to get a summer job at Cedar Point for 2007-08 and of course i am going to take a cell phone with me. I am the kind that still wants to keep intouch with his family and friends back home.

EDIT: also, aren't there lockers to put important stuff in? I mean the thing is going to be in my pocket the whole time except when I am sleeping.
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djDaemon said:And yet, CP has decided to jump on the hype bandwagon and provide wallpapers for it.

Cedar Point is sponsored by AT&T, the only current provider for the iPhone. They might just be doing it because of them being sponsored by AT&T.

I just took the images and resized them and put them on my own phone. Looks great on my Motorola E185. :)

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Or, and I know it's crazy, maybe they just decided it would be neat to do.

Loopy said:
They wanted to have between 3 and 5 million out the door by the end of the year. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

When did they say that? An analyst may have said that, since they were silly enough to think they did 700,000 in the first weekend, but I don't think Apple said any such thing.

They did say they expect to sell 10 million by the end of 2008 (and again, the analysts say more), which would give them a firm 1% market share in a gigantic industry where they had no experience. It would be a mammoth win for Apple as a whole.

Apple also said in the conference call that more than 90% of iPhone buyers thus far really love the thing. Count me in on that. You can say whatever crap you want about what it doesn't do, but unless you own one and use it every day, you don't know.

Current state of mine since last charge: 3 days 2 hours of stand by, one episode of Veronica Mars, one of Family Guy watched at work during lunch, about five hours of music, miscellaneous time showing friends pics from Irish festival last weekend, 90 minutes of talk time, about 4MB of EDGE data transfer, and presumably a bunch of Wi-Fi.

And I haven't cleaned the screen with the included chamois since yesterday. I can view it just fine.

I <3 my Jesus phone.

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My Motorola KRZR can do all the stuff you just mentioned minus video and Wi-Fi, but I don't need those things on my phone. I have a handy portable laptop for all my on-the-go video watching and internet browsing needs.

My awesome Motorola KRZR currently holds over 150 of my favorite tunes, 100 pictures, and a few short video clips with plenty left to spare on the memory card. I'm a heavy talker and texter, but I only have to charge it every other night. It has touch sensitive buttons for audio playback, REAL keypad buttons for dialing and texting, and it looks way cooler than your "iJesus." I've dropped it half a billion times, I treat it like crap, and it still looks and works great. I could go on forever, but I'll conclude now to prevent this from getting too long. The point is, the iPhone just isn't worth it. My KRZR+1GB memory card cost $135 with Verizon, whose network is exponentially better than AT&T's. I'm satisfied with knowing that I'm getting much more bang for my buck than anybody with an iPhone. Meanwhile, I'll just sit back and laugh as fanboys gloat over their $600 nothing special phone until the battery dies and they have to pay 80 dollars to have someone sitting lord-knows-where break open their prized possession and replace the battery. :)

With relation to Cedar Point, I don't bring my phone into the park unless I have to (rarely). Regardless, why would you want to bring that over-priced and widely coveted item into an amusement park when there's a higher risk of losing it, getting it stolen, or wet? To browse the internet while in line? Umm... have fun.

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The iPhone isn't worth it to you. That doesn't mean it's not to other people. Jealous much? (Kidding... sort of. ;))

And only haters bring up the battery thing, which is not based in fact. It should be easy to get three years out of it, which is about three times the average length people keep a phone these days. Here's your drop (and scratch) test. My favorite though is the Ars Technica destruction video. It lasts a lot longer than you'd expect.

Oh, and my 4 gig phone has 400 songs, 90 minutes of video and 300 photos on it right now. And real Web pages. And real e-mail, calendar, stocks, weather, maps, note pad and YouTube. Did I mention it's an iPod? And how big is your screen? Mine is 3.5". Size matters.

I guess you get what you pay for.

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^^ Yeah, but I have the RAZR and paid $0 for it, although I am stuck with stupid Verizon until 08. Screw them. The Razr does all the same things as the krzr without that fancy slim case.

I disabled all extras with verizon and just use mine as a phone now. Haxx0r your phone up and have mp3 ringtones and maybe I'll be impressed. :)

^The point was, while some tout the iPhone as the greatest thing since man discovered fire, it's really nothing more than a phone with an mp3 player, a camera, and web browsing ability, just like any other middle to high-end phone on the market today. Definitely not worth any hard working man's (or woman's) $600, but if you think it was a sound investment, good for you. I bought my KRZR without a service plan and just switched the service over to it. As far as I saw, $100 for a brand new KRZR no strings attached was a damn good deal. I agree with you about the way Verizon kills their phones, but you can't deny the fact that Verizon provides by far the best service out of any provider. I get service EVERYWHERE!

^^While the iPhone is a cool phone with lots of nifty functions, it has nothing for me to be envious of. I have a lap-top, I have an iPod, what does that leave for the iPhone? Nothing that my KRZR doesn't already take care of, and for a lot less money. If I was offered one in the $100-150 range, I would seriously consider buying it, but until then, no thanks.

Jeff, I ain't hatin', I just speak the truth! That second link you posted confirmed my beliefs with regards to the battery. I knew Apple made the battery so it would last as long as the phone was in style, but if you drop it in water (as so many people do with their phones), then you're screwed. At least with most other phones, you can quickly remove the battery to let it dry and save it.

Oh, and one more thing... something I've been saying since I first learned about the iPhone, and Maddox mentions it as well: a keypad kicks the crap out of a touch screen. There's just nothing better than real, tangible buttons.
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They can provide the best coverage, but their customer service sucks big time. I will be leaving Verizon at the end of my contract over a $35 dispute.

Again, the iPhone lacks SSH, which is the biggest selling point for me for a phone thats more expensive than something like the RAZR (which I got for $0) which allows me to do what a phone was designed to do - Take phone calls. A web browser would be nice too, but I can live without that.

Jeff said:

Apple also said in the conference call that more than 90% of iPhone buyers thus far really love the thing. Count me in on that. You can say whatever crap you want about what it doesn't do, but unless you own one and use it every day, you don't know.

I couldn't agree more. After 3 Motorola razor phones completely crapped out for unknown reasons I said "why not". Now, I can't live without the thing. I find myself using it for just about everything. It's almost like carrying a mini laptop with you. I've been nothing but impressed. Is it ideal for everyone probably not but once you get a taste it's hard to put down.

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bholcomb, just out of you work for Liquid Web?

The company I work for just did a VPS upgrade from a very old server, and I was the one who coordinated it...I saw your name on the support ticket "Request reassigned to Ben Holcomb..."

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The iPhones price does not justify what it can do, all the technology you see has already been done, this is just apple making the screen larger and charging that crap out of you just like with the rest of apple products (especially mac books - amazingly overpriced).

For how much they gloat about the internet browser it can't even support flash, and is locked in almost every way (To at&t, can't get to battery, and no support for any mods).

As for the design, the actual touch screen functionality and animations look very cool, but the actual phone is...well..a plain rectangle. (This is just for analyst's that scream over how the design is ingenius)

It may be cool to have youtube on your phone, but the only time I actually go to youtube is when I am dead bored, so it does no good to me.

Even though the battery may last long, (300 some charges) I cannot belive apple is charging 80$ plus shipping and handling, plus $30 if you want an extra iphone for the 3 days it is getting replaced, and all this came out AFTER the phone went on sale.

Apple know's how to market, but this isn't anything extrememly innovative. And I wouldn't bet on seeing the price drop, once again look at the mac books.

Plus it is amazing it has no MMS and the keyboard doesnt go in landscape mode in some instances.

On top of all that it lacks 3G and Stereo Bluetooth, and the call quality is medium ranged.

It does look pretty nice, and you may feel cool for a couple months. But when you think about it, this phone costs as much if not more than all the next generation gaming platforms out!

Have fun with your device (can't even call it a phone, its a nifty ipod with calling features), but it just isn't worth the money.

As for "Maybe cp just thinks it's cool" maybe so but like other posts, the installed userbase is small right now and I don't see specifically sized "razr" backrounds anywhere, the world is just intoxicated with razrs. That would make more sense.

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