Any body have an Iphone?

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Oh yea, another thing to play with and use while driving.

Nah, until they make cell phones sound as clear as a CD, I woudn't consider it the greatest thing in the world. The cell networks just garble your voice.

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^^Why is that?

It has absolutely nothing to do with Apple, Microsoft, phones, or computers. I'm still in preschool when it comes to computer knowledge.

Since you asked, I also didnt have a cell phone until last year, and that is because of my wife.

And no, I'm not an "old fogey"...I'm 30...I just personally dont like to be so "connected" 24-7.

If I want to look at the internet, I'll go home.

That said, it is pretty cool in what it can do. I played with my friend's Iphone the other day for about 10 minutes.

I get it, I just don't want it. :)

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Maybe someone can answer this rumor I heard the other day.

Is Apple forcing IPhone purchasers to pre-pay for 1 or 2 years of service when they buy an Iphone?

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I have an I-phone and I love it. The only thing I wish it had was a voice dial feature for the bluetooth headset.

And no you do not have to pre-pay for the service. It just extends your AT&T service contract for an additional 2 years when you buy it.
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Maddox rules.

I'm actually perfectly fine with my Razr, however, being able to SSH on my phone would be totally awesome and the only reason I'd consider getting something more fancy.

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I'll be excited when they invent transporters.

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djDaemon said:
Yeah, they've sold quickly, especially for a device in this price range, but compared to other popular devices, such as the RAZR, they're sales are minuscule.


AT&T said that iPhone sales for the weekend were the strongest of any device in the company's history. "We've sold more iPhones in the first weekend than we've sold in the first month of any other wireless device in AT&T's history," Siegel said.

On the conference call yesterday, Apple said they sold 270,000 iPhones in the first 30 hours. They expect to sell 1 million iPhones by Sept 29. Razr sold 750,000 in three months.

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I'm not saying that they're not selling briskly. A massive amount of initial sales were expected, and its obvious that they're on track to sell a boatload more.

What I'm saying is that its silly that CP, for example, is already producing wallpapers for a device that has a minuscule install base. Now, had they started doing this in, say, 2009 when the install base is larger, that would be different.


I wonder how much Apple paid Cisco for naming the device iPhone.

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I like the first version of the Iphone, and almost bought one myself. I agree the price of the phone won't drop anytime soon, BUT resellers will offer them for free or at a drastically reduced price to encourage people to switch to AT&T/Cingular/Cell One.

I got my Blackberry Pearl for FREE, 4 months ago!

I agree with all the posts above. The Iphone has some shortcomings and expect those to be addressed in the second generation.

My biggest problem is with AT&T. Here in the Northeast, their coverage is HORRIBLE.

I'm perfectly happy with my pocket pc. The iPhone is for people who want an image and nothing more. Kind of like a Prius owner.
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I resent the comment on Prius owners...

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Even if buying a Prius is an attempt at attaining an image, its far better than the image attained by owning something less planet-friendly.


Eh... I don't buy that crap. Now a $47,000 dollar plug-in Prius that gets 100mpg is something to have en ego about, but a phone that does all the things people have been doing for years on similar devices does not even come close.

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Jeff said:
On the conference call yesterday, Apple said they sold 270,000 iPhones in the first 30 hours. They expect to sell 1 million iPhones by Sept 29.

Which still falls WELL short of the expected sales. They wanted to have between 3 and 5 million out the door by the end of the year. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

For all of the people waiting for the price to drop, it's going to take a LONG while since Apple is the one that prices the phones. If you know how strict they are about discounting their product then you'll understand how long it's going to take for them to reduce the price. at&t may give other stuff away with the purchase of the phone but they'll have to show the price Apple wants for the phone on paper.

EDIT: Just in case inquiring minds wanted to know, we love our Tahoe and it's 12-15 mpg. Now I've accomplished everything I've wanted to in life. I've got my very own whale killing machine and look good while doing it. :)

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You should take a picture of yourself, a fancy man, driving your fancy Tahoe. I would like to see it.

Only 146,000 people actually activated their phones though. Isn't the point of a phone to actually talk on it - which requires activation?

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People were buying to sell on ebay, which didn't go as planned either.

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I have to agree with Maddox. I played with an iPhone last week and I couldn't stand the touch screen looking like puke after 5 minutes of use. The screen attracts the oils from your skin like a magnet. While the features are "neat" they are not suitable for the majority of corporate mobile phone users.

My Moto-Q that I just got last week is perfect for me and my job. I have the full 'qwerty' pad and the interface works for me, so my screen doesn't look like the bathroom mirror from a highway rest stop. AND it can synchronize with MSExchange. I can email, edit contacts, schedule appointments right on my phone and when I get back to the office, those updates are already there. As far as I know the iPhone doesn't do synchronization(and I could be wrong on that). I also have an SD slot on my phone for all the storage that I want, the iPhone doesn't. It should be mentioned though that the iPhone has a crapload of space on it.

I still have yet to play with my Moto-Q more and I plan to stop by Sprint for the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for more features, but so far I love it. Actually... I'm going to change the way the interface works. But overall I like it.

As for CP calling it the iPhone background? Well... I think its stretching it. Mobile background? Sure.

~Rob Willi

PS. Bryan, you oughta be ashamed for yourself killing all them whales. Now I'm going to lose more sleep at night!

speaking of the iPhone and having Wi-Fi and EDGE, I was wondering do the Cedar Point dorms/apartments/rec areas have Wi-Fi? Why I ask, because I am getting the iPhone after christmas time (money :) ) and also thinking about working at Cedar Point next year. And I checked the coverage area for AT&T in the apartments area and it said moderate while great on the peninsula.

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