Wicked Twister Deconstruction

I suspect that we may see vertical de-construction soon as I’d think they would want to try and at least get the taller parts of the ride down before winter really sets in. Taking the station down in the middle of winter along the lake would certainly still be brutal but better than being 200 feet in the air.

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RCMAC said:

If the piece of track was cut out to prevent any use then that would actually assure the train would fly off the track. That would teach em, lol.

And we all know how that ends...

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ChuckECheese - I think you're probably right. JoshBrown - It's probably a safe guess that there's some regulation for all coasters to cut a piece of track during decommissioning to make it obvious to everyone that the ride is no longer capable of operating - regardless if its a launched ride or a standard gravity powered ride.

As far as the final fate of the ride goes: I guessed wrong.

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I know Astroworld did it with Texas Cyclone as soon as the last public train finished, but that was more so maintenance staff couldn't then get more rides. I don't know if it is something that needs to be done from a safety perspective but is done so the symbolic "last ride" is truly the last ride.

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I'm thinking it's to sell or auction pieces of track. Just like KI did with Vortex. And they did it for Mean Streak as well.

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Anything new on deconstruction yet? I know the webcam that might face that area is down right now.

We were in Sandusky on Saturday and the entire structure appeared to still be standing.

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Anyone have any idea where the ride entrance sign is going to end up? That's a pretty cool piece of memorabilia. Curious if it'll end up in the museum, or on the wall of a staffer's basement or something.

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I always thought items like that would make for a great charity auction. I know they said they are going to use the Frontier Cars for the Cadillac Cars up front, but man...that's some easy money for some kind of local charity just left on the table right there.

"Front Row" rides last a few minutes. A piece of history from the park lasts a bit longer.

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Probably back in the sign shop back by Gemini. During WCO 2 years ago we got to go in there and I was surprised and happy to see the old ride signs (esp DT and MS), and even the old height signs with the characters.

Shawn Meyer said:

Anything new on deconstruction yet? I know the webcam that might face that area is down right now.

And it will continue to stay pointed away from that area until spring. You know, to allow the magic to happen. ;)

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Not to get off the subject, but Happy Thanksgiving fellow Pointbuzzers! I’m thankful for so many things, including to be part of this community!

Tony (the wizard of Oz) says "dont look towards wicked tiwster, look towards valravn... there is NOTHING going on around WT" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. they even turned the other camera away from Steve so we cant watch that work... Anyone have a drone they can take up there??

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As has been well documented, drones are very much frowned upon. One would be crazy to even suggest such a notion. But if you were to buy me one of those limited edition Millennium Force lift hill models...... ;)

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I was fascinated to view the Camera as it is pointed towards Valravn. People have indicated that as you look at the track layout it spells out the script "Ohio". After last Saturday all I see is a big, ugly Block "M".

I have heard that a large crane has been seen onsite late last week. That and the camera re-positioning........

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I was in Sandusky visiting Paul the Woodcarver at the Merry-go-round museum yesterday, and afterwards I decided to go down to the waters edge to get some great views of the park, and WT is still there, and I saw no crane erected yet.

The entire right half of the ride is gone up to the station.

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Update on Cams and WT Deconstruction.


Makes me wonder if they plan on imploding the towers after all

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