What rides need paint jobs?

I think TTD is in desperate need of one. I mean it has been 11 years! The colors are so faded.

Raptor for sure. There is so much bird crap on it and peeling paint. It is a front of the park attraction and could use some love!

I saw some recent pics of Magnum and a lot of the supports are looking rusty. I know it recently got painted but the supports are looking pretty bad.

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Raptor for sure. TTD if they can come up with a plan on how to do it, which was supposedly the reason it didn't happen last year and not the cold winter as many thought. I'm sure Mantis will get one if it's converted and renamed.

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How much does it cost to paint a coaster do you guys think?

I'd say $227,482.37 for Raptor, give or take 10 to 15 bucks.

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I'd say about $19,941.37 for Raptor and around $20,034.20 for TTD.

I call bull crap on those numbers. How'd you both end up with a quote ending in 37 cents? I'd charge $292,316.62 to paint Raptor, plus environmental charge of $25

I don't know Kyle, charging $95.00 extra to paint TTD over Raptor seems kind of high, I know it's a little bit taller but still...

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Haha. You didn't actually take those estimates seriously? Study just the numbers without the dollar signs and decimal places. :)

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say $13,719.94 for Raptor and $42,020.03 for TTD. ;)

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So for Wilderness Run it was $1,919.79 to repaint for this year?

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Save money, feed the seagulls green dye.

Or lots of guacamole ;)

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They can't really do anything about the bird poop. Raptor's structure provides for many convenient nesting spots and attempts to wash it would be futile.


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Or rifles in the off season..

Damn protected status..

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Maybe they could paint Raptor the color of pigeon poop... :)

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They could just say its Raptor poop and part of the themeing of the ride.

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Poop would be white and if they painted it white it would match its clone in some other country :)

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Has Wicked Twister ever been painted? I think that ride needs it.

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^ After seeing Wicked Twister today, I think it would make sense for them to maybe touch it up in the off-season. I think Top Thrill Dragster is turning pink in some spots and could use a paint job when the season is officially over with.

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