Top Thrill Dragster: Years from now.

Hey what do you guys think TTD will be like in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years? Do you think this ride will torn down by then, or they have parts where it never fails much? What do you think?

Maybe they will get smart and instal LIMs instead of the cable launch.

Shoot the rapids, tame and dry. Thunder Canyon, wet and laughter. Snake River Falls, soaked and smiling. White Water Landing and the old shoot the rapids, Fun and missed.

LIMs are not as powerful as a hydraulic launch, and it might need more distance to get to 120 mph than currently available. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
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Well in 5 years they might have new technology.........

Well in 5 years KK or TTD wont hold teh record, ah, I think both rides would still run if intamin isnt out of bussiness!

Tear it down and try again.

I have a friend who owns a carwash, and he said that Dragster is going to break more and more as the years go by. The the pressure things that put the copper fins down on the launch are going to fail. The same things are in the carwash and they break all the time. (From what he said).

And I'm quite sure that your friends puts hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of maintenance in on his car wash year after year.

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In 5 years I expect I still will have not even ridden TTD--, judging by my luck so far. It's ok, I accept this, I'm ok with it...:/

sure, I'll ride anything...

Really I don't think TTD will have a 30th birthday.

101 on Magnum and counting...

Same here man.

TTDboy11 wins the award for the most tenuous connection of authority....


Years from now if intiman closes I can see it being torn down. I would love it to stay and get more rides on it but with the maintinents issues I dont think it will last 20 years.

Yeah new year, and finally got my license, well back in august. Im in need of a trip to the park.

I'll be shocked if it has a ten-year birthday. Once coasters move on into 500, who'll want to ride a coaster that is only 420 ft and only goes 120 and to top that is a one trick pony.

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I still want to ride a 205 foot coaster thats one heck of a coaster. More so than a 420 foot lawn ornament.... Oh.. right.

My granddaughter was there this weekend and as usual ( or so it seems) TTD was not running. She said a park employee told them someone had been seriously hurt on TTD and that it was going to be dismantled. Anyone else hear or know anything about this?

I refuse to grow old !

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The last I heard of people being injured was the cable freying and those wounds were compared to mosquito bites. Dragster is down for the rest of the season because of motor troubles.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

TTD ain't going anywhere soon, thats all I know.

Why are we talking about this anyway?

Fastball84 said:
I'll be shocked if it has a ten-year birthday. Once coasters move on into 500, who'll want to ride a coaster that is only 420 ft and only goes 120 and to top that is a one trick pony.

Because it will still be the same ride.

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2007 hear I come...

Yeah, but maitenence will get higher every year and CP would rather sell it or something and build high quality coasters like MF than record breakers. I'd rather have a ride that is fun and long with a 1% down than a ride that isn't record breaking anymore with a 10% down time.

Oh yeah by the way, 200th POST!!!!!! WOOT WOOT YEAH!!!!
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I wonder what my ride count will be in 2020?

I'm not CP so I will never have an answer for this question, but if it were my choice, I'd leave it be. Great rides deserve a great history.

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