Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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That’s a good question. I have never heard of Xcelerator stalling. I have now idea what they would do. Hope the wind picks up?

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I remember reading a story about dragster stalling at the top, and the riders were able to shift their weight enough to get it moving before any intervention was necessary. No idea if it was true or not.

It happened several times and I think each time they had to send a maintenance person up the elevator to give the train a shove with their foot. And in the forward direction, so as thrilling/scary as the experience might’ve been, the poor riders weren’t awarded with so much as a rollback for their time and trouble, lol.

Dragster's easy like you said Xcelerator not quite as easy. Maybe run into it with a drone? Really big stick?

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Several times? I've only ever heard of it happening once. How many times has it actually happened?

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I thought there was at least two but probably three times. Now I can only found evidence of once. Sorry.

Dragster has stalled at the top at least once with an empty train (I was at the park that day), and I thought twice with people on the ride.

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Simple: a set of drive tires that can be engaged by an operator on the ground. 460 feet below to be exact ;)

Sit tight fellas ;)

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Here's a couple old OnPoint! posts regarding the train being balanced at the top. In short, it has happened several times.

2nd Recorded Stall with Passengers

3rd Record Stall with Passengers

I am sure someone within maintenance or operations has an official count somewhere.

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There, see? I knew I wasn’t crazy.

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I would argue that information doesn't necessarily have any bearing in your mental state. ;)

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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Tony says odds of 1 in 80,000. I came about 79,950 short of that figure.

Better odds than my bracket winning the March Madness pool.

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There, see? I knew I wasn’t crazy.

I don't know that this validates the claim. 😉

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That’s fair.

Found this old video:

I've now been finding myselfs having dreams at night about Dragster. The first one was a couple nights ago and it started with me and a few friends discussing about a spike and then it got a spike and it the cars basically would rotate where you would go up the top hat and spike backwards. It was weird. Then last night, it out of nowhere got all the track back and started testing and it was a wobbly LSM system and the trains were very big and it went slow down the track.

My Dragster dreams are usually much more realistic. I stand in line for an hour or two and then have to leave when a lengthy downtime forces them to empty the queue.

If you're gonna post Dragster top-stall videos, why not post mine from May 25, 2009?

Sorry, I don't know if I can embed a Vimeo clip POPCode is a little rusty...

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Nice video, I also stumbled on your “Sinko de Mayo” video. Why have you kept that from us for so long!?

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from May 25, 2009?

You can't see us, but my wife and I are on the "ramp" in the queue watching this happen.

Can't get a rollback, but just happened to be in line for a 1 in 80,000 chance experience.

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