Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

If they are going to pour concrete to fill in that huge triangle hole that will be one massive footer.

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They’re switching the side the launch is on.

I know you were saying this (at least somewhat) in jest, but... that is kind of a substantial area there. And if it does indeed line up with that side of TTD, well, it's certainly among the most compelling bits of evidence toward that outcome. I'm not saying it's the most likely explanation, but this is one of more difficult developments to dismiss.


”I compare it to the size of that structure and other footers from Iron Dragon. From this angel it does look substantial. IMO.”

Sorry, but you’re no angel. IMO.

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As much as I want a layout change/spike, I still don't think we have a closed case. I do agree that the amount that has been removed is certainly unexpected (at least to me) for "Just" an LSM flip. I would also point out that this current work on the lagoon could just be to make that land suitable for a potential line. I do think this current work has to do with the dragster project, but it doesn't have to be for a layout change for it to be related.

I am team hopeful for layout change.

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Seeing the crane that they are using to drive those piles and set them, taking out ID track makes a lot more sense now. I couldn't even begin to speculate what that coffer dam would be for but I do agree that's a substantial plot that they're working on.

That green piece of equipment vaguely looks to me like a large pumping station of some sort. Anyone else have any speculation on what that might be?

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I am joining the "Lagoon Maintenance" team. This has nothing to do with TTD re-imagine other than better drainage there & about. I'll agree with DJ Fischer that the green piece is a pump.

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Maintenance on the lagoon? No you guys, that thing is officially a "footer" this spike is gonna be huge. Can't wait for you guys to be proven wrong lol lmao.

(But for real, ignore what he has to say and look at how huge that thing is. The photos put it into scale.)

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Interesting how the photo building still looks mostly intact. Based on the size of the work and equipment, it looks like the job is made more difficult by working around it. If the (rumored) plan is to remove it, why not do it before this current step?

Edit: He does mention that in the video, guess I should have watched it before commenting

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Not to get off the subject, but I would really like to see the park repaint ID within the next few years.

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Seeing the ladder for reference - this thing is massive.

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Open your eyes people!

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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So seeing that overhead shot, I think that's more in line with the launch side than the brake side.

I'm still not positive on what it's for, but it does seem to be aligned in a way that would make sense for either a queue platform or some part of the new dragster itself.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

It is an awful big coincidence for a triangle the right size in the right spot to be pointed in the right direction. Just saying.

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Yeah I’ve never been on the spike bandwagon, but it’s looking more likely than ever that that’s what’s happening. Is it proof? No, but honestly who could think that’s not for Dragster? And I’m not talking queue space.

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After seeing the most recent pictures, this definitely seems like more than lagoon work and or planned ID maintenance as TC previously mentioned. What is it exactly though is still anyone's guess, but it sure does seem plausible to be connected to the TTD rework. Crazy how perfect it lines up with the launch side.....

So exciting. That new thing from today's pictures is huge. Wow.

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Concrete predictions from anybody? ;)

Sit tight fellas ;)

Just looked up photos of Pantheon’s backward spike and guys, it’s literally a triangular support structure.

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This definitely lines up with the launch side. See the third photo in the link below, which gives a good perspective of the entire area.

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Yeah, the tip of the triangle is a straight line to the launch side.

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