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Jeff - What would I have to pay for that pass as an Ohio resident???

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Ours were $879 when we originally bought them. On renewal, they had gone up $70, and now they are closer to $1100

You can get a cheaper option if you’re willing to have blockout dates, significant ones if you do the Silver Pass.

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Those passes are not available outside of FL. Correct me if I'm wrong because I would like to look into that option if poosible. My parents moved to Lakeland,FL this year and I visit them a few times a year. They got a resident pass with blackout dates and the only pass I can find for non-residents is the ultra expensive $1100 one. I would be fine with blackout dates since I mostly visit during the non blacked out times.

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Nope, you are right. I didn't even think that those limited passes would also be limited to FL residents.

Wow have things changed. When I moved to Orlando back in 2010 I paid $26/mo + $85 down for my Disney annual pass with no blockout dates and free parking. That was right around $400 for the year.

MrJohnJLewis said:
Disappointed that NY and FL residents are not eligible

SONUVABITCH! That kinda sucks.


Does anyone know why FL residents can’t participate?

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I have some (very limited) experience with sweepstakes. My understanding is that Florida and New York require companies to register all sweepstakes where the total retail value of all the prizes is greater than $5,000. Both states also require a bond in an amount equal to the total value of the offered prizes that must be submitted with that registration.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. Also, I am only guessing that this is why residents of those two states are excluded by Cedar Point in this sweepstakes. This may have nothing to do with it or there may be reasons in addition to this.

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Sounds reasonable. Thank you for the explanation.

Well any idea when in february lol!

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I saw Tony say on Twitter it starts February 30.

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The process is easy; name, email, phone number, zipcode. I was not an "instant winner" this week.

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Does anyone know how the Twitter and Facebook referral bonuses work? Pasted below from the Official Rules with my own emphasis added to highlight my concern.

BONUS SWEEPSTAKES ENTRIES: After you enter the Promotion, you can earn bonus Sweepstakes entries, as described below. Your Facebook and/or Twitter Share message must be posted to your Facebook or Twitter account (as applicable) through the Website.

I am sometimes blind, but I did not see any options to make these referral promotions on the site or in my confirmation email. Maybe I missed something? (I didn't see anything listed in the FAQ and I did submit a support ticket, but opted to post the question here as well in case I am missing something obvious).

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To receive more entries, you share by clicking on the FB and or Twitter link within the site, and you will receive more entries when those links are clicked on your shared post, and said person enters.

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DRE420, Thank you and nevermind. I just figured it out on my own and came back here to modify my own post. Apparently I REGISTERED for the sweepstakes, but failed to click through the DID I WIN button. Not blind in this particular case... just stupid.

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I'm bitter because it's not open to Florida residents.

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^Move back here! Plenty of affordable (cough, cough) homes available on Cedar Point Rd.

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I don't believe any contest should be banned from certain states. But that's just my opinion.

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