Ticket of a Lifetime

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I hope the quiz questions were simple such as "Whatever happened to the green train on Millenium Force? Or, How many feet has Magnum xl200 sunk since it's inception? Or, which ride is Shawn Meyer's favorite (just joking Shawn)?" More difficult is "What is the proper wat for wheels to be installed on Steel Vengeance?" Or, "Who chose these black shirts for the higher-ups with this heat?"

I wish CP hadn't made it hard to enter online this year. I remember back when the promotion first started, I entered several times at home on my computer. But this year, I could not find the links to do so easily. Everything was geared towards their app. I do not have a smartphone and my home computer is my only choice. I did find a link to enter through the Rules page which was small print.

The thing that has bugged me the most is the people that are usually winning these things are the people who can afford to go in the first place. We have been in Kansas for several years now and cannot normally afford to travel and thus, have not been to CP since opening 2015. I do not see us making it back there anytime soon. So, winning passes would have meant so a great deal.

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I was able to enter via the playcp150.com website where I was able to enter 5 times daily.

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Now you tell us. Lol

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Would be interested to know how many people actually won from the website vs those who were in park as the company wants.

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^^ If I tell you, you tell your friends, and so on.... my chances are greatly reduced ;-)

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Kharma is why you didn’t win. :)

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DRE420 said:

^^ If I tell you, you tell your friends, and so on.... my chances are greatly reduced ;-)

Chances of winning were likely much better than winning the Power Ball or Megamillions. Which reminds me of a former co-worker who had all kinds of theories & formulas for her lottery numbers, spreadsheets and everything. "#$%@ came in in Pennsylvania yesterday so it's due to come in in Ohio today." Grammar police, is it proper to use in in or is that a no no?

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Still upset that NY residents can't win

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Has anyone on this site actually won the ticket yet?

Sorry to bring back such an old thread, but I just did on Saturday haha. Definitely a good surprise this weekend.


Also does anyone know if winners actually receive the plaque/special pass designs like shown in the press releases, or is just simply just for promotional use?

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Whoahhh congrats! That's awesome. Do you have your three "friends" picked that get the pass along with you, and would you like to grab a beer sometime? My treat... ;)

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One of the original winners at WCO had already previously won so they picked a new winner. What are the odds?


Does anyone know if the TOAL winners have a specially designed pass, or is it just a regular Gold Pass designed . I know the benefits remain the same, but it would be cool if the Lifetime winners had a special pass.


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