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Never been to Cedar Point this late in the season, and my wife and I are heading up for an anniversary weekend trip. Curious as to when the limited ride operation kicks in on Friday nights. Is it this weekend or not until next weekend? Anybody know?

The limited ride availability on Friday starts this week. It's typically the same rides that they have open on Halloweekend Friday's

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Thanks. That's what I figured.

What rides are limited?

According to last year's guide, the following rides were offered on Friday nights:

WindSeeker, Ocean Motion, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Raptor, Wicked Twister, Blue Streak, Magnum XL 200, Iron Dragon, Skyhawk, maXair, Power Tower, Dodgem, Troika, Midway Carrousel, Cedar Downs,Planet Spooky, Cadillac Cars, Matterhorn, Scrambler and Wave Swinger

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Do you guys think Mean Streak will be open this year for Halloweekends? I haven't really heard anything about them doing more off season work.

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I would be willing to say that it may not be. If you have a haunt built inside the area it would kind of ruin the mood with a coaster going by.

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I got this in a confirmation e-mail for our Breakers stay yesterday. According to it, the Friday evening rides include Dragster, Wind Seeker, Mean Streak, Wave Swinger, Wicked Twister, Scrambler, Sky Hawk, Power Tower, Raptor, Millennium, Planet Snoopy, maXair, Midway Carrousel, Matterhorn, Maverick, Iron Dragon, Magnum, Cedar Downs, Dodgem, Blue Streak, and Cadillac Cars.

Basically looks like the same list with no Ocean Motion, but with Mean Streak added.

Ocean Motion is a complete joke since being relocated to its current spot. My 4 year old (at the time) was bored silly.

So, how exactly does OM differ in "its current spot" from what it was in its former location?

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Well, there's other rides your 4 year old can enjoy. Glad to know he's a thrill seeker already.

It's nice to see MS get some respect and be one of the exclusive Friday night rides, but why not Gemini instead? I think Gemini is one of the best rides in the park, and it has always been sorely missed on these ride-limited Friday's.

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I was a little surprised at no Gemini as well. With no Gemini, it make for an awfully quiet walk from Magnum down to Frontiertown.

Captain Hawkeye said:
So, how exactly does OM differ in "its current spot" from what it was in its former location?

It's the ride cycle. It's short, and I'm pretty sure that as a result, the boat does not go nearly as high.

Plus it takes FOREVER to load and unload the boat. Just brutal. All for what seems like a 5 second ride.

By far the worse ride of it's kind (and I've ridden many of these).

Opinion: This is an issue that the park REALLY needs to do something about. Ocean Motion, Calypso, Matterhorn, Scrambler, Himalaya, Troika (oh, Lord, Troika!!), and Wave Swinger now have a combination of staffing, ride cycle time, and loading procedure that makes these rides a total waste of time to ride. Last season, with nobody waiting, it took me 40 minutes to ride Troika once. Combine the insanely slow loading process with the equal insanity of fifteen second ride cycles (or whatever it is) and you have a recipe for making people angry and encouraging them to avoid riding.

Monster and Giant Wheel have excuses. The other rides do not.

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Let's just have a mass ride-removal this off-season.

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Taer em all down! All those flats have outlived their usefulness anyways, as others on here say about coasters that are over 25 yrs. old.

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I feel the same way Dave. Not too often do I bother riding those rides for the reasons you mentioned. Many times I do want to ride them but the cycle times are often way too long.

Gemini 100 (6/11/01)

Anyone know if the bring a friend discount for tomorrow allows the friend to get in for early ERT? I have not seen that discussed anywhere. Sorry if I missed it.

I'm not sure. But it's supposed to rain this weekend, so everyone should just stay home. I want that transfer gate for MF left open all weekend!

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