The Updated Petting Farm

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They had three kangaroos, they were in the stall close to the camel. They weren't very active in July when it was 100+ everyday with heat index. They layed around a lot. And the pen fences were really high.

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They had chickens this year. Also, geese and turkeys. Last year, they couldn't have any of those because of the avian flu outbreak, but they were all back this year.

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An aviary doesn't really fit in with the 'Barnyard'.

And what barnyard do kangaroos fit in? If they can have kangaroos and still call it a barnyard why not parakeets?

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A barnyard anywhere in Australia.

Or do you not think they have farms there?

Apparently we have them here in the USA too,

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I don't know if this was brought up two years ago, but they have a couple of camels at the petting farm now. One of the camels name was Samson and you could take a selfie with him if you want. I couldn't tell which one was Samson though. He wasn't wearing a name tag. Anyway though, anyone see Samson recently?

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A buddy of mine just took a selfie with Samson the camel on Thursday!


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The camels are very cooperative for photos, I got a few good ones with my boys a couple of weeks ago.

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I hope he's okay! That's my buddy!

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