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Some concept art:

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I can see why they decided to leave it out. Kind of pointless to spend money building a mountain that's completely under the structure of the ride.

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I wonder why it was designed that way instead of more encompassing.

But it would be fascinating to see them integrate another flume style ride in that area.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Build a mountain around the structure of SRF. The SRF building sits on top of the mountain. Then incorporate log fume and a tunnel for the train.

PyroKinesis09 said:

e x i t english said:

And Mean Stre..oh. Wicked Wildcat?


None of those ever had the gumption and history of Blue Streak and Corkscrew. There's a reason why people were speculating that they would remove TTD.

It's also worth noting that Corkscrew (1976) is older than both Vortex at Kings Island (1987) and Anaconda at Kings Dominion (1991).

There are rumors that Anaconda will soon go the way of Vortex.

Also, Corkscrew opened on America's Bicentennial year, and has the colors to go with it.

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Scott Cameron said:

Kind of pointless to spend money building a mountain that's completely under the structure of the ride.

There is a certain wonkiness to that, which I don't like either. As mentioned above, build it up so the building is on top.

I believe one cool feature, however, was that the train was going to pass through the structure itself.

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I do wonder if Corkscrew gets away with it to a point because it's a comparatively simple layout versus the later Arrow Megaloopers. I'd also be willing to bet the earlier Arrows are probably overbuilt for the forces involved versus the later Arrows, just knowing how things tend to progress in engineering more often than not.

Like if you look at the supports for the loop and screws on Corkscrew, you've got multiple points of attachment for the truss structure which likely distribute the load a lot more evenly than the essentially two points of contact from the later pylon-style supports. Admittedly, I'm not sure how much of the grounds for removing Vortex and the other megaloopers was due to track wear versus lack of spare parts or just general cost of upkeep.

If I’m not mistaken, Corkscrew was the one that got CP one of it’s first record-setting stats. It was the first ride to invert 3 times and the first modern steel ride with a vertical loop. (Jumbo Jet’s 60 mph speed was another from that decade).
I’ll never forget the reaction of visitors when they laid eyes on the sensational new ride and then again when a train carried riders upside down over their heads. People would just freak out and it was hilarious. The line for corkscrew filled the queue and came down the midway sometimes past the Trabant ride, next to the Skyride station. On busy days Corkscrew would run well past closing time to clear the queue.
I don’t ride it often anymore but I remember great times on it and agree that it would be a shame if it had to go.

That Crazy Dan said:

On the topic of things in that area, I'm also curious what the ROI on Frontier Fling is; it's been at the park for ages but must either be super easy to keep up or the upcharge pays for itself. For as much as we talk about long-term planning and stuff on here, I'm wondering if Ripcord/FF was actually meant to stick around after the Soak City to CP Shores renovation that took its original spot, or if STR going away meant that suddenly there was a place for it.

Maybe I just go during weird times, but Frontier Fling hasn't even been open on any of my last 5 or so visits.

That said, yes, I'm sure the ROI is +++. Of course all the safety features / structure have to be maintained, but you're largely just relying on winches beyond that.

I love the editions.....but wild mouse is a spinning coaster. Looks like my husband will be relaxing on the beach while I ride...alone. I love the pavilion, and yes, indoor seating!

MF as a human eager to talk about my home park!

Register has pics of some track pieces already in Sandusky too, if you haven't seen it yet.

The Register sure doesn’t disappoint, does it? More hard hitting investigative reporting.
It looks like they stealthed over there in the middle of the night and stuck their lens through the fence.

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I thought the same thing, RCMAC. They sure are crafty.

Kevinj said:
I believe one cool feature, however, was that the train was going to pass through the structure itself.

I always thought it would be cool to build a mountain structure for a flume/dark ride, with the railroad running through the bottom. Enhances the scenery of CP&LE, instead of just looking at ride supports.

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There was a time, many decades ago where that might have been possible. Proof of that was the Frontier Trail and Frontier Town as it was originally conceived and built. Change of management style in the late 1970's put the kybosh on that. It remains to be seen whether or not the new regime will re embrace the concept.

I was here at CP today and will be here tomorrow as well.

As I was getting on Maxair at night and enjoying seeing the lights while riding it, I felt something bugged me: the old lighting on Troika and Calypso... I mean Tiki Twirl... Uh, I will be right the first time again. Dodgems didn't have much lighting.

Anyway, I feel like the Boardwalk won't feel truly completed unless the lights are updated on all of those old flats, as well as hopefully an updated (Atomic) Scrambler and Matterhorn.

It just doesn't feel right with the attractions by the WindSeeker and Giant Wheel.

I'm not asking for a NM State Fair level of lighting, but I still feel the flats should be given these changes.

I had another account called "Point of View" but lost it.
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I would be more than surprised if all of the flats they are moving don't get some TLC, including but not limited to updated lighting.

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What's odd is that the "new for 2023" page specifically mentions "refreshing" Scrambler and Tiki Twirl, while omitting Matterhorn.

Two existing family attractions, Matterhorn and Scrambler, will be relocated to The Boardwalk with Scrambler receiving a refresh and new name: Atomic Scrambler. The Tiki Twirl spinning ride will also be refreshed and renamed as former park classic Calypso.


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Dodgems needs way more than lighting, those cars are a sorry excuse for bumper cars and that ride went from a family favorite of ours to something we haven't ridden in a long time. I was just at Knoebels last week and their bumper cars made me long for what we don't have at Cedar Point anymore.

At least CP's Dodgem isn't spray painted like cows like they did at Geauga Lake

Rob (The Jeep guy)

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