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I think they picked one of the least exciting coasters possible for this renovation of that area.

Gotta disagree here. If it was a true traditional mouse I’d agree. But it’s a spinner and if the render is the actual layout it will have at least one super banked curve-hill. It fits the aesthetic perfectly and should me a huge step above a normal Mouse coaster.

While I'll agree it does look better than a traditional mouse, I'm still disappointed as well. Mainly because I really thought a Gerstlauer would've been a perfect fit for the area. Overall though, I think the area as a whole will be a great addition to the park.

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The park needs rides that cater to the entire family, so that a coaster enthusiast is disappointed in the additions over there indicates the park is making a wise investment. And it's pretty ridiculous to pass judgement on a restaurant's lack of air conditioned seating considering the park hasn't provided any information on the restaurant.

I swear, if coaster enthusiasts were in charge of CP, or any other park, they'd run it into the ground in no time flat.

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You don't say...

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Brandon, I want to clarify that I'm not disappointed in the Boardwalk. On the contrary, I'm excited for it. My comment about being disappointed about no Gerstlauer, although it may sound like it, isn't from the enthusiast perspective. Hangtime at Knott's is beautiful, especially at night, and fits their boardwalk theme very well. I just felt that would've been the perfect addition to CP's boardwalk too. It wouldn't have to be the "biggest" or whatever either. I'd be satisfied with a Hangtime clone, or even something smaller. They're bringing additional flats, sprucing up the others, and adding the pavilion, so I think the area still would've catered to families well.

That doesn't mean I don't welcome what they're planning. I'm especially looking forward to the pavilion, and I'm more excited about that than I probably would've been about a Gerstlauer anyway. Especially if it has a bar facing the lake which appears to be the case. I'm also looking forward to wild mouse and am very happy it doesn't have the crappy zig-zag layout like most others.

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Kids love the "crappy zig-zag layout." The Gerstlauers are too aggressive for what they wanted to install, stock or custom, and making one that doesn't invert leaves you with... a Zamperla mouse.

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Fair points for sure. Looking forward to it regardless. I was there last weekend staying at Breakers and from there, you can see what appears to be the makings of an upper deck, facing the water, that extends from the building. I'm no architect, but to me it looks like that's where the advertised "water side" bar could possibly go. If that's the case, I know where I'll be spending a lot of time next summer.

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I just hope it has something open late that can service some volume. On my May visit, the little bar in Breakers was slammed most of the time, with a line crossing the rotunda, and the one in Friday's wasn't much better. Meanwhile, the little place on the Frontier Trail where the wood carver used to be closed early despite a small group of us probably covering the day's salary in the last hour. The park doesn't need to emphasize alcohol sales, but I'm surprised at how much they miss.

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I totally agree about Breakers and it's so unfortunate that they don't have sufficient amenities to support their size, even for food let alone alcohol. Perkins in the lobby always closes early and that basically leaves Fridays after 7pm. Which makes no sense whatsoever considering the park closes between 8-11pm. It's been too often I was staying there and quoted a 1.5 hour wait at Friday's to try and feed my family. The hotel has something like 800 rooms now I think. One casual dining spot just won't cut it. Why they don't have a quick service as well (at the very least) is beyond me.

The Surf Lounge problem you mentioned is another example. I can say that once June rolls around and the Sand Bar on the beach opens, there is some relief for that problem at least. As for the Trails End Tavern closing early, you were probably a victim of Cedar Fair's silly "no alcohol sales an hour before park close" policy. I can say I understand the reason for that "on paper" but it really just doesn't work when they have so many rooms on property between LHP and Breakers. Heck, I was at EPCOT last month and was able to buy a beer from the fish and chips stand after the park closed. I'm sure Disney cares more about the "family friendly" image than CF but at least they have enough sense not to lose that revenue.

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From what I’ve heard, the new Gerstlauers ride rough. I’ve read and heard negative reviews for hang time at knots. This wild mouse will be a great addition to the park.

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HangTime at Knotts is very smooth. What makes it even more amazing is the clamshell restraints. You're reading the wrong reviews.

That said, this wild mouse will be a good addition to the park.

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Interesting! I’m looking forward to getting over to knots one day.
I’ve gotten off my share of coasters thinking “people think this is rough?”
spent my child hood being abused by mean streak so my idea of what’s rough is high.

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For the record, I wish it were a gravity group family wooden coaster. Hardly an enthusiast dream install. I've ridden two zamperla mice and I find their cars to be less comfortable than both mack and Maurer models. Add in the extreme capacity limitations (cedar fair mouse ops, particularly on arrow models, are a complete joke), it's why I'm not very excited for that part of this expansion.

The language used in the announcement IRT the restaurant leads me to speculate that it will follow the Backbeat/Farmhouse model rather than something like Choclatier. I'd be VERY happy to be wrong.

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Scott Cameron: were probably a victim of Cedar Fair's silly "no alcohol sales an hour before park close" policy.

I don't know what that is or if it's real, but in our case, it was closing an hour before the posted time.

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Perhaps it’s a “post Covid” staffing issue? (Reduced hours) I would hope that a seasonal business would better milk their clientele.

^Jeff, that is a real policy. All alcohol sales cease 1 hour before the park closes. I've experienced it at Cedar Point and King's Island. So to be honest, it may just be coincidence or an Ohio park thing but my assumption is it's a CF policy. I could be wrong on that but it's definitely a CP and KI policy.

As for whether Trails End closed that day even earlier than 1 hour before park close, very possible. I've seen that happen too unannounced.

^Cedar Pointer, I rode Hangtime a few times in 2019 and it's very smooth. Either it's significantly changed since then or you read a bad review.

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I got a good look at the Boardwalk construction site on Thursday night from the Giant Wheel. The big takeaway was just how big the Grand Pavilion is going to be. The steel framing for the pavilion is mostly in place, while the rest of the site is just concrete work so far.

Seems like there could easily be more than one restaurant in the Grand Pavilion, so it will be interesting to get more details when they announce them. It will also be interesting to see how they split the building, since guests from Breakers will be entering from outside the park, while park guests enter from the opposite side. The pavilion could drive a lot of foot traffic into this area, maybe more so than the Wild Mouse or the boardwalk itself. I hope it works. The other restaurant additions in recent years (BackBeatQue, Farmhouse) have been placed in the middle of high traffic areas. This one will be much more "off the main path" by comparison. I wonder if they have an expectation of having more resort guests than park guests eating there.

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Are you 100% certain that beach/hotel guests will have access to the Pavilion from outside?

I was wondering that too. It didn't seem like there were doors from the beach side looking at the renderings. Seems strange to not allow for that, but also challenging logistically to allow it. They'd sort of need the entrance/exit from the park side to be an actual gate. Or only allow ticketed/passholders in from the beach side. I was wondering if they might have one of the outdoor decks available exclusively to resort side guests and offer bar/food service there. Really don't have any clue what the plan is, but seems like an oversight if it's not available to hotel guests without park entry.


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