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Yep, Timber mountain, Splash mountain, Jurassic park river adventure are the obvious examples. Jurassic Island looks interesting with the video element. Personally I'd prefer something like those or a dark coaster to something like the original pirate ride. Anyone have a favorite manufacturer for something like that? No idea what effect STR has on CP's opinion of log rides in general, parallels the whole discussion on the the TTD incident.

A log ride would probably fit in better near frontier town, putting aside the 'running out of room issue' and if that was the case, theming around the SV characters would probably make more sense. Wonder if they could fit pirates into that story.

As long as we're dreaming, a 400/500 foot enclosed disaster transport remake would also be cool, make it feel like we were actually going to space.

Edit: After I said that, now I'm imagining a dragster sized 12E box on the skyline... ugh.

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As much as I agree that a log rides fits the Frontier Town theme, I believe that area's transformation is finally complete. I really like it as is now and wouldn't want them to change/remove anything. To be honest, now that I think more about it I'm unsure where a log flume should go. I just know I'd like to see one as I've always loved log rides and they're great for families to ride together.

Honestly, the Shoot the Rapids site might be the best existing location that doesn't impinge on anything else, though I don't know how much that footprint has been repurposed for Forbidden Frontier or since Ripcord was moved over there. I feel like a lot of the channels and concrete work are still there, though.

For as ultimately forgettable as Shoot the Rapids was and how increasingly removed we are from its, well, removal, I feel like a longer log ride with some dark elements (or integration with Forbidden Frontier/Paddlewheel thematic elements) would work excellently there, obviously with the ride parts done properly this time.

I was thinking that the prior STR area would be good but sort of dismissed it due to Forbidden Frontier now occupying the space. However, if they could find a way to pull of right as you suggested, that would be awesome.

Forbidden Frontier may eventually play itself out, and that may be by design. It’s a Live-E project and has a limited operating schedule. In the event it should close up shop then that area would be prime for a little mountain that houses a flume. Knott’s ride is duplicate worthy.

On the topic of things in that area, I'm also curious what the ROI on Frontier Fling is; it's been at the park for ages but must either be super easy to keep up or the upcharge pays for itself. For as much as we talk about long-term planning and stuff on here, I'm wondering if Ripcord/FF was actually meant to stick around after the Soak City to CP Shores renovation that took its original spot, or if STR going away meant that suddenly there was a place for it.

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Love the space. Think back to Gatekeeper's opening how amazed we were at a Ouimet era design and how fresh and clean it felt. How it made that area of the park feel absolutely brand new and vibrant.

Fast forward to now..seeing a giant pier building with Breakers theme tie ins, a brand new upscale restaurant, new rides, and rejuvenated areas. Holy crap. If anyone bitches anymore tbf, you're spoiled. This is fantastic!

My only worry right now is Corkscrew may be on the chopping block now. This space opens up basically everything from the old Admin building to a sense. Matterhorn somewhat boxed it on the East side of the park and Dragster to it's has me thinking -- why open the middle of the park area up...I know Arrow loopers aren't forever for sure, but I'm not ready for that realization yet...especially my looper.

However, this area is going to be amazing. I hope to return to CP next year, I think my trip this year is being cancelled to go to NYC for a week. Next year though, the idea of finishing up dinner in this new restaurant, getting drinks on the beach, and heading back to Breakers to continue the pub crawl makes me happy.

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If and when they do remove Corkscrew, I always thought a nice way of preserving its legacy would be to keep part of the corkscrew over the midway. Paint it bronze and put up a plaque that tells its story.

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Isn't that pretty much exactly what Alton Towers did?

Failing that, the next best thing would be the theoretical replacement coaster replicating the corkscrews over the midway while doing its own thing otherwise.

I must admit, that I was against the building at first due to it closing off views of Lake Erie. But after having heard the announcement and seen the renderings; wait for it…I am totally a fan. I don’t believe I have ever ridden a spinning version of wild mouse, so I’m excited. Other than the carnival ride/boardwalk theme, I’m still confused on why they’re putting scrambler & Matterhorn in the new area, although it will be super awesome once everything becomes a reality. If Corckscrew has to go, that area could have potential for a GCI; (if they plan the layout correctly).

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Corkscrew will never be removed. It's untouchable. Much like Blue Streak.

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And Mean Stre..oh. Wicked Wildcat?


At risk of derailing this into yet another "what coaster's going to be taken out next" discussion, there's really no reason for Blue Streak to go anywhere both for historic reasons and because so far as I can tell, it's been pretty straightforward upkeep as far as old woodies go, plus that corner of the front is pretty well spoken for. If they could work around Blue Streak when trading Turnpike Cars/Calypso for Valravn and that new stretch of midway, they can work around Blue Streak if/when it ever becomes time to do something with the old Pirate Ride space.

I'd have previously said that Corkscrew was pretty safe due to having a relatively linear layout in a boxed-in space, but if they do end up redoing that whole backstage area there, that kind of blows that thought wide open.

Other than that, I'm reluctantly feeling that Iron Dragon could be next just out of pragmatism since Arrow coasters have seemingly started reaching an end-of-useful-life stage en masse the last few years, and Arrow suspendeds are already a dying breed. Then again, Cedar Fair does have three out of the five remaining examples, including the two newest of said examples, so they're positioned better than say, Six Flags and Ninja.

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e x i t english said:

And Mean Stre..oh. Wicked Wildcat?


None of those ever had the gumption and history of Blue Streak and Corkscrew. There's a reason why people were speculating that they would remove TTD.

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Jake10 said:

I’m still confused on why they’re putting scrambler & Matterhorn in the new area, although it will be super awesome once everything becomes a reality.

I think this is a lesson learned from Knott's Berry Farm's "Boardwalk" area; it's meant to be a new themed area, and not just a pavilion. So you pull in some classic flats (Knott's has a scrambler and flying scooters ride to compliment their Hangtime coaster), and's a new area of the park with a little bit of everything: Big Thrill (Gatekeeper), Family Thrill (Mouse), a couple flats, plus the pavilion.

Which hopefully serves perch.

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Also, having multiple spinny rides grouped together essentially provides a huge spinny ride with high collective capacity.

As far as a log flume, I've sort of expected or hoped one would replace SRF when that ride's time comes to go.


Kevinj's avatar know, get back to building SRF's Mountain and incorporate it along with it.

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Hmm, that could actually work pretty well to keep SRF in place (plus or minus refurbishments, though it doesn't seem like a particularly maintenance-intensive ride at all) and build a mountain structure slash show building around it. Assuming Frontier Fling goes away, that's a pretty good-sized footprint already without going onto Millennium Island at all.

Don't know how much of the old STR trough is still there since I dunno how up to date Google Maps is, but while we're pipe dreaming, I'm envisioning a show building (with mountain facade as apropos) from SRF basically following along the train tracks for about the front half of the Frontier Fling footprint. The back half could stay open air and have the station, water pumps, transfer track equivalent, and maintenance area, and possibly the queue. I'd keep as much of the STR trough as possible (assuming it's still there) but densely landscape around it so it grows in thick over time. The island side would hypothetically have more outdoor/weatherproof scenes a la Boneville (though obviously with whatever theme the ride went with), and possibly the big drops, if they weren't already built onto the mountain structure.

Now if we're *really* going to hypothetically spend Cedar Fair's money, I'd say go all the way and make it into a Wonder Mountain-esque structure and have multiple rides integrated into it. In addition to Snake River Falls and this themed log flume, maybe a non-splashy purely dark ride boat ride like (The Smurfs') Enchanted Voyage?

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They could literally copy-and-paste (and mirror, to make it fit) Race For Your Life Charlie Brown from KI and I would be happy. Heck, I went ahead and did all of the hard engineering and design work already, so now they have no excuse not to:


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SRF was supposed to have a mountain?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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