Amateurs. That's the only explanation;)

Yep- the resort gate is the way we're tackling it this year! Last year was just a disaster IMO(front gate). Yeah, happy to be there after a long winter, but sad MOST advertised attractions were closed(not due to weather). Maybe such a large turn-out wasn't planned for properly, or under staffed, or hadn't passed inspections. LOL, but it was like walking into Starbucks and being told they don't have coffee left(and that happened for real also @ CP on a random visit). We had a few disappointed moments and moved on-rode what we could and had fun. If it's a bomb again this year, I'll have Hotel Breakers to fall back on like Pete mentioned, and rest up for Saturday/ Sunday!

Keep passing the fun along!

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I mostly use the marina gate. I have never in my life used the old front gate, but I use the new front gate every once in a while just because it's really nice.

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Me and my friends use the front gate all the time! However when there used to be Millennium Force walkbacks, I used to go through the Marina gate. I don't go that way too often because I'm worried people are trying to run me over...lol.

XS NightClub said:
I never understand people that use the front gate.

I agree as a "regular" the resort, beach, or even marina entrance is the way to go. But any time I bring a friend for the first time I always bring them though the main gate for the initial experience. It's really the only gate that gives you that grand entrance to the park.


Tony moved the valravn cam so I think they may be doing some testing potentially

SV ruins all other rides.

I very highly doubt it, as just yesterday he tweeted a picture of an incomplete control panel

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And before the cam moved, it looked like they were still working on parts of the track (my guess is grinding or painting).

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According to a source I tend to trust (No, I don't know the construction schedule or any inside scoop so take it for what it's worth), Valravn won't begin fully testing more than likely until the week after Easter.

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We went to Kings Island's preview night last year, and it was fabulous. Everything up and running, and light to moderate crowds. Couldn't make CP's because of scheduling conflicts (and the same this year) but hopefully the problems of last year were a one time deal. Can't remember, but did last year's preview night coincide with Ohio State day? Perhaps this year, with that being the same day, the park will be better prepared for a crowd.

OSU day was a random day during the season last year. I don't know what the heck happened for opening week at CP last season, but I suspect everything to go a lot more smoothe this year. Especially the week after opening day since the park is closed the 9th-13th. I think that'll be a good thing

Tony just tweeted that Corkscrew tested.


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They should have tested Rougarou first. What were they thinking? ;)

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It really should have been Cedar Creek Mine Ride that they tested first! :-)

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What is interesting is how slow that train is going through the motions. It's true that everything really does need to "wake up" each spring.

Testing has started on Valravn!

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You sure? #proof

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Yeah, I don't see anything moving, and besides, it's way too late to do anything like that. Sorry, Shawn. Nice try tho. (Unless you saw something we didn't before it got dark.)

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It wasn't really a test, it was a pull-through.

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Well, in a way, it was indeed a test. They were testing the clearance and positions of the various sensors and brakes.....I think.

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