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Can't literally anyone get in line regardless of height or size? Or have they changed this? I remember being a kid and waiting in line for Raptor even though I was too short, then I'd just pass through the station and wait for my parents to get off by the exit. Do they no longer allow this?

Steel Vengeance just went down. Apparently 2 trains collided in the station. They are clearing the area on that side of the tracks

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I heard that too. I’m in line right now and no employee has told us that it is closed for the day.

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They announced that it is down for a mechanical issue. It couldn't have been a very hard collision, they have a tire drive to move trains.

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Sandusky Register says Digger bumped Chess.

Cue jokes in 3 - 2 -1...

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...bumped her in the tooshy...

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Chess did a circuit and came back smelling of burnt rubber, making a rattling sound. Digger came in after and... bumped her rump. You literally couldn't make this up. It's like the trains are fulfilling their character's descriptions.

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Numerous jokes going through my head, none of which are appropriate to post on a family friendly forum.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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What do you call Steel Vengeance in the wet? ...Bumper Boats.

I'll get my coat.

If we build it, they will come.
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I don’t even know what “in the wet” means.

It’s Italian for “in the rain”.

So I need some advice from the taller bigger guys. Is there a trick into getting the lap bar down so u get a green light on test seat?? Thanks in advance.

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Last night I found this video on how to fit on Steel Vengeance:

Interesting video. Definitely will try that. Anyone try this on pointbuzz??

Nope. I fit on PointBuzz just fine.

I carry middle weight, and these are good tips. I do similar things and I’ve also found that if it’s a sweatshirt kind of day it helps me to pull the hem up so the bar rests under my bulky clothes. Oh, then lower the shirt so... well, you know.
I was worried about fitting and worked this spring to reduce a little. I found the trains to be comfortable and as he said, the crew is helpful and patient.

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The trick to getting a green light on the test seat is to get someone to help. The return spring on that is so heavy that you are actually lifting yourself out of the seat instead of pulling down on the bar.

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