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Oh...That. I've seen it, and it just creeps me out. I love roller coasters and rides, but that's just taking it too far. Those 1001 Nachts aren't that great anyway.


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I suppose nothing can be done about the muffleheads. Any chemical solution is impractical and ineffective given their sheer weight of numbers. Ohio big wigs probably wouldn't play ball either.

Is there no pulsed ultraviolet searchlights they can shine around the perimeter to drive them away? Or ultrasonic sounds of predators? Otherwise the only recourse is a non stick coating to the front of the trains.

When does the bug problem become most intense?

If we build it, they will come.
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usually around or after the time it rains. I remember waiting for Millennium Force, and there's a huge rainstorm. They test a few trains and then I notice on my front row seat there are tons of bugs on there. I go for a ride after the storm and I come off with forty or so bugs on me.

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Late May is probably the most intense period with the muffleheads.

Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

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RCMAC said:

It wasn’t a roller coaster. It was the Weber 1001 Nachts ride at Knoebels. She (they) were featured on the Strange Addictions show.
Just look at YouTube and search “Girl loves ride “.

Documentary about objectophilia, everything from fences to the Eiffel Tower...

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In the new Cedar Point/Steel Vengeance commercial it shows the trains with the headlights lit up. Just me but I wouldn't think they would keep showing that(Planet Coaster) if they are not going to light up.

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Oh, that would be awesome. Currently I can't get over how gorgeous the animation in the commercial is.

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Skydiver said:

Freaky? Nothing to hang onto? How many of you rode Vertigo?

Late to the party, but I did. I didn't do the weird let you tumble around program, but it was still a bit unsettling since the restraint was essentially a series of locking pins tied to a lawn tractor seat. Once was enough.

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Mitchell Williams said:
Just me but I wouldn't think they would keep showing that(Planet Coaster) if they are not going to light up.

That commercial also shows a mountain.


I miss Vertigo. :(

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Well, look at it this way. It would be gone by now anyway...

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And moved onto Millenium Island. ;P

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I think they are still in the planning/design phase for the mountain but it's in the commercial so it will be coming....

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And here is its current state of development.

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Let the record state, that I am fully on board for a Cowboys vs. Aliens re-theme, as long as Olivia Wilde makes an appearance.

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For the people who are taller and bigger and rode s.v. How was the seats for us bigger guests

I didn’t have a problem and having lost nearly 20 for the occasion I still ring in at around 240.
See my comments in the review thread about the lap bars.
The seats are nice, padded, and seemed roomy without that deep bucket seat feel. Truth told, once I started up the lift I forgot all about it. And my butt forgot about it for at least 27 seconds.

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How long can RMC trains be? Is an eight car, 36 rider train possible?

Asking for a friend ;-p

If we build it, they will come.

I don't think there have been any more than six cars to date. If it means sacrificing the aggressiveness/intensity/maneuvers of the ride in order to allow for a longer train, I'm good with leaving it as is. Lines will probably be rough this summer, but if they can dispatch 45-50 trains an hour like they have been able to do in the past with many rides at CP, the line should move better than Dragster or Maverick and be similar to Valravn.

The ride is set up very nicely from a blocking perspective from the looks of it. It takes just over 60 seconds for a train to crest the lift and it looks like less than 1:45 for one to clear the midcourse (what would need to happen in order for the next one to crest the lift). They should be able to send a train basically as soon as the previous one leaves the lift so speed of dispatch is going to be totally dependent on how quick and cooperative the guests are and how fast they can get the trains checked. It shouldn't be held up at all by the ride itself at all.


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As a bigger guy, I have to ask...does SV accommodate bigger riders?

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