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I've been marathoning the 'birds eye view' animation and the articulation of these trains looks different. As if there's a pivot point between the seats (body) and fame/wheel assemblies. Additionally, the front most wheel assemblies have been doubled oer that of the 2016 coaster trains (LR, SC, Jo, Wf). Color me intrigued.

To me it looks like it's a design that's built to hold speed better than the previous. The zero car having a few extra wheels will make the load on each wheel smaller, leading to decreased friction or something like that.

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Also the restraints seem to hinge differently. Below the shin guard, they taper into a single hinge and also the lower bar is further away from your feet than the older RMC trains. The actual part that touches you is the same though. I can't tell if it's the same on the back rows too (2,4,6...)

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Go Intamin said:

To me it looks like it's a design that's built to hold speed better than the previous. The zero car having a few extra wheels will make the load on each wheel smaller, leading to decreased friction or something like that.

More wheels = more friction.

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I'm not sure if that's true, though admittedly I haven't cracked a physics textbook in a while. But a quick glance at rolling resistance via Wikipedia suggests it's not quite that simple.


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My whopping two semesters of college physics would make me guess that the added friction from more wheels would balance out pretty evenly with the friction decrease from less weight on each wheel.

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The first gen rmc’s like new texas giant and iron rattler have the trains that were produced out of house. Each car has 2 wheels per side on those. The new rmcs have only 1 wheel. This new animation showed 2 wheels per side. I also noticed the paint doesnt get stripped that much on the first gen rmc’s but the newer ones lose their paint in a year or less. I would assume that would be related to why cedar fair didn’t strip the paint on their new rmc’s out of the factory like storm chaser and joker. This would lead me to believe there is less friction with the new / 1st gen design.

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New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler trains were made by Gerstlauer I believe. Interesting that the changes to the trains by RMC seem more chassis/suspension related than seat/appearance. I had assumed they might try to make them a bit less boxy an more open, but I guess they had reasons to change the undercarriage instead. I thought the Lightning Rod trains rode very well despite being a bit boxy. I'll be interested to see how these compare. One thing I'd be worried about with two smaller wheels compared to one bigger would be wheels wearing out faster since they are making more rotations to travel the same distance. Might not be an issue on a smaller/slower RMC, but we'll see how it goes on SV,


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I would bet that the lighter loading on each wheel would cause durability to be at least as good as with one larger wheel.

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Is it just me or are the cars spaced a little farther apart compared to the 1st gen trains? Seems like RMC gave the new wheel assemblies a bit more room to flex given how much bigger they are.

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Spirit Airlines is designing the new trains. Seats will be 16-inches wide, an idea they copied from Michigan Stadium. Seating will be 3-across, with 7 inches of legroom. After you are buckled in, a ride attendant will explain how to fasten the seat belt. Even if the ride op turns off the fasten seat belt light, it is recommended that you keep it fastened in the event of a reverse-banked turn or zero-G stall.

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On Tony's blog, I asked for some technical talk from RMC about the changes to the trains. Might be too nerdy of a question to get a response, but it's be interesting to know the engineering thought behind the changes they've made and what we should expect to be changed or improved.


I'm hoping for some major changes to the seats and lap bars, but I don't think we're going to get that.....

Ever notice how Gemini has single road wheels while Corkscrew has doubles?
Gemini has a 5-car train with 20 road wheels (4 on each car, two in the front, two in the back). Corkscrew has a 6-car train, with 28 road wheels...the train is trailered, so the axles are located between the cars, with an extra axle at the back end. But each axle has 4 road wheels, 2 on each side. Why wouldn't Corkscrew just have 14 road wheels?

My suspicion is that it is to reduce the load on any single wheel, which is especially important if you are using polyurethane tires (which these coasters do) since the deformation of the tire is proportional to the load those tires are carrying. On Gemini, each axle carries the load of about half of a single car, so half the chassis and the equivalent of three riders (actually two and two-half riders). On Corkscrew, the axle is located between cars, and so each axle (other than the first and seventh) carries two riders and half the chassis from the car ahead AND two riders and half the chassis weight from the car behind. So each axle has to carry the load of a full fully-loaded car. Using two road wheels tends to divide the load on each wheel, so even with half as many axles, each wheel carries only the load of half a car and its riders.

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CoasterStudios on youtube visited the RMC facility and posted several videos including an interview with Jake Kilcup from RMC who stated that the new trains for the "Cedar Fair installs" will retain all of the same elements "above the track" as the existing RMC cars for replacement parts reasons. The new trains going on SV and TT are different at the axle level for increased comfort and maneuverability, according to him anyway.

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Trains have arrived! Well, at least one of them did. Tony posted a picture of “Blackjack” on Twitter. It was just a little hint of the side of the train with the name of it on, but man does it look cool!

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They look great, and we've only seen one panel! Can't wait to see what the lead/zero car looks like!

So WCO missed them by four days. Certainly a shame, but I'm glad to see that at least one is on site!

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