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All I can say is get a locker or invest in cargo shorts that don't suck. The multi-use locker sets you back by $10, but for someone who stays all day, that $10 cost was worth it.

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My shorts had never failed me before on a coaster so I have no idea why the pocket opened. I usually don't have to buy a locker because I don't carry anything in the park that won't fit in my pockets(thank god I don't have to keep up with a souvenir cup anymore). It's all good though, we live, we learn, and we give our wallet to our wife the next ride : )

I too have finally experienced the insanity that is SV. Wow. That second half is so impossible, so tight, giggle inducing wonkiness.

90° July days are brutal, but it’s all good and perhaps kept the crowds away? People light and an awesome day!

Several coasters are now dead to me though. Too old (and fragile) for Rougaru, corkscrew, mine ride (I never fit in it well anyways at 6’3) Gemini, and Magnum. I love them, but I can’t anymore.

SV is GOOD, but not #1 for me... that remains with Millennium Force, but ousted Maverick to 3rd. Luckily CP provides so many stellar attractions to love. The future looks bright!

As expected, kudos to CP and RMC!

Long time lurker (since the MF construction days!) first time poster.

I’m at the park today, and Steel Vengeance has been down all day. I’m sitting here at the back of the park and I see welding flashes from just under the top of the lift hill.

Terrible luck for me this year. My first visit was the day it was down to get back to two train operation, and today is not looking great either.

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I see at least 3 different people up at the top of the lift hill on the webcam. Kinda surprised they didn't turn the cams away from the ride since it is being worked on.

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It looked around 7PM that Steel Vengeance was open again.


Definitely running again. Just watched a couple loaded trains on the webcam.

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How have the weekday lines been??? Looking to minimize time spent in line for SV so willing to go super early and/or late if needed...

1 hour during early entry on this past Friday. After that it was 2 hours long all day. I even seen ppl in fast lane plus taking an hour to get on.

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Around like 10 pm or so the wait times begin to shorten actually. Hey, what are the most and least crowded days for Cedar Point?

Isn't Monday and Wednesday the least crowded?

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10 days in a row at amusement parks and the only one with garbage around the full garbage cans was Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance line. And people like to rip on 6 Flags. I didn't see any garbage lying around cans at Great Adventure the 2 days I was there last week.

The water bottle graveyard, right as the SV stairs to the station begin to climb, is pretty funny. Please, give the guests a proper receptacle to dispose their (often unfinished) $5 Dasani bottles. -thankful the park allows for drinks (up to that point) however.

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The issues with the queue are bit surprising. Given the "out of the way" location of the ride, I'm surprised they don't have paid staff selling drinks and desserts in the queue like they have on some past rides.

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Ok, I am pretty sure I am going to get some sarcastic comment on this one, but here goes. I love this ride...I think its amazing and probably the best all around coaster on the planet. But the last day I rode it a few weeks ago (five times that day...BTW) the smell of garbage was bad. It was really disgusting especially on the first hill after the drop and the outer bank turn. There was no getting around it. Such a small gripe for a great coaster, but it was bad.

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I think what you smelt were bugs roasting on the flood lights.

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There are very large dumpsters located by P&D building that serve that end of the point, they are emptied very early in the morning. Probably more likely cause of trash smell than mayflies melting.

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I haven't been to the park since CM and haven't been on here much either and just wondered if we are getting any closer to three train operation?

Seeing as how we are just a group of fans and not those working for park maintenance and RMC, I doubt any of us know more than you. There have been some planned downtimes during Early Entry hours that hint that there may be testing, but no one knows for sure. Next time you go, plan for two.

Tuesday morning, which was one of the days Steel Vengeance wasn't available for early entry, there were a couple workers adding some additional cross members in two different places. I saw them from the perimeter road. Didn't see anything else happening as far as work on the ride. People were lining up for SV anyway and Maverick didn't open right away either which made it worse. I would imagine there was an instant 90-120 minute wait when the park opened judging by the lines. The FastLane line was already about 50 deep by 0945 as well.

Glad I got several rides on Sunday and Monday.

How many trains is SV running now? Hoping to come in on the 23rd and try out SV. How have the lines been?

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