Steel Vengeance

e x i t english said:
You'll have to park in the main lot and walk up the boardwalk (if you can) if you want to get back there now.

So the front gate is the only place you'll be able to park? Just curious, as for the media and first rider events, the Magnum lot was where everyone was parked.

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If you go first thing in the morning, you can only get to the Magnum lot if you are staying at a hotel/campsite on the peninsula. They only opened that lot to media and first rider guests because Frontiertown was the only thing open on those days, while on Opening Day, the entire park will be open. Personally, I wish they opened the Magnum lot to Hoedown guests to save the long walk from the main gate, but there were probably too many people for the lot to reasonably accommodate.

Damn. There goes my hope of minimizing the wait time. Hopefully won't be bad if I still get there earlier than the early entry. We'll see...

Super pumped. Haven't been this excited since opening day of MF.

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Where is the seatbelt buckle, and what style is it? If it’s a big airline style buckle in the middle of the belt, and the restraint comes down over it, that sounds less than comfortable.


It’s just a regular retractable button click seatbelt like Blue Streak.

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Fat Man Tarkey said:

So the front gate is the only place you'll be able to park? Just curious, as for the media and first rider events, the Magnum lot was where everyone was parked.

Well, the park was closed for those events, and in the interest of making it convenient for people working the event, that made the most sense.

Since CPS opened, though, they have changed the policy back there. I don't know if it stays closed in the mornings even if CPS isn't open yet, but I wouldn't even risk it

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Maybe if you tip well the Valet will drop you at the resort gate, :)

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I just called, good news for anyone trying to beat the lines...

You can walk the new boardwalk entrance all the way to the resort entrance before the park opens.

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Cartwright said:

I have a platinum pass so I should be able to get it for the regular Fastlane rate. I still may not even bother since it could be one of those days where even Fastlane has 45-60 minute waits.

I have not been to CP in a while. Did not know Fastlane could have such long waits. I also did not know that they charge less for platinum pass holders if you buy them in the park. I already bought my platinum pass and my plus passes for Thursday and Friday. It is expensive but since I am flying in I wanted to be sure the trip went well. Even if one ride has an hour wait it is better than the 3 hours without the pass. I remember waiting that long for Millennium Force. I wish that Steel Vengeance was on the PM ERT but I guess they don't want the crew to work two ERT's. Also I hope I fit. I am borderline but I saw some videos of larger people riding. Diet is pretty strict right now.

I almost wish this was never posted as this was my original plan :)

It’s not typical and only happens a few times a year. But if regular lines are in the 3+ hour range, you can bet the Fastlane line will be 45 minutes to an hour.

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Does anyone know if it's true that SV will be running only 2 trains this weekend?


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Fastlane in some parks reserves a whole train for Fastlane holders. I haven't heard of CP doing this except possibly for Valravn in 2016. SV's station layout probably wouldn't facilitate the process anyhow.

I hope to see pictures or footage of the new boardwalk and of SV's queue spilling over & to either side of the level crossing as the gates go up & down.

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The ride is easily pulling a 2+ hour wait and Early Entry still isn't over. Trying to find that poster from a few months ago who was certain he would get multiple rides in between 9-10 today.

'get multiple rides in between 9-10 today.',Ha.

Early entry isn't what it used to be.

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It is on a regular day when they actually have stuff ready at 9 and the most anticipated new ride in the park in 18 years isn't having its opening weekend.

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Just left the line after waiting 4 hours and there was at least an hour left (we got in line at 10).

The rumor is that the trains crashed in the station. There's an ambulance at the exit ramp and a majority of people on the ramp vacated.

I'm guessing we won't be riding this weekend.

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Yeah Twitter is starting to heat up with the typical opening weekend complaining... plus some since Steel Vengeance being new.

Hope there were no injuries in the collision. I assume that it was a rather low speed bump if true.

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There has been an incident. Looks like everyone is walking away under their own power. All I know is the train parked in the station was making a bad noise on it's way through the circuit and when the next train came back, the ride closed and they begin clearing the area within about 10 minutes. RMC and CP higher ups are on the scene looking at the brake run area. Anything beyond that would be a guess.


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It must just have been a bump because of the tire drive, but at least no one can bash Intamin for this one! 😀

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