Sky scraper and go karts leaving

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Twisty CP said:

I will try to upload some picture this weekend, early next week.

Unless you clear those photos through Cedar Point, we'd prefer you not post anything.

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I will respect that, I do have pictures/video of the demo. But won't post without permission.

I wanna see!

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If there is actually anything going on, anyone in the world could see it. There's no reason someone couldn't share pictures. I doubt Twisty signed a NDA or confidentiality agreement with Cedar Fair.

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Twisty CP said:

It has been confirmed. I obviously cannot provide the sources. But the demolition crew has started planning for this weekend. I can post pictures this weekend if possible.

There are good reasons why those who know things don't talk (much). It's your choice, and it's not like you leaked the blueprints for the new interactive dark ride coming next year (oops!). That said, as you walk the fine line between 1) enjoying the momentary virtual spotlight of being "that guy" who happens to know things and 2) respecting the park's choice to not yet confirm a park upgrade officially, do consider the nice working relationship Walt and Jeff (and many others) developed with the park in conjunction with sites like this.

As of right now, the park is still advertising everything there is to do at Challenge Park. No calendar, true, but the attractions are still being presented on the website.

Just sayin'.

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Picture taking is ok during the season, but probably prohibited in the off season unless given permission. I remember a few years ago a thread similar to this discussion started to get ugly during Gatekeeper's construction. Respect private property and be careful.

Didnt Walt ask you to not post anything without the park's permission? Just because the video is "public" doesn't mean it was approved by the park to be made public.

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Where's the video from? Who put it online? I can't imagine the park posted such a video (though I could, of course, be wrong).

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I have a feeling these things will be known soon. So let's leave it at speculation till then. ;)

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I don't think posting pictures would do any harm. It's just speculation. When did the fun go away!?

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I'm pretty sure that having pictures of the demolition of something pretty much removes all speculation about whether or not that thing is being demolished.

Speculation is speculation - not proof positive.

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There's really no point to continue the argument regarding this. If you work for _______, doing work in the park and you are an avid CP fan but notice something that hasn't been announced yet, just continue about your day. Reporting what you saw is one thing since the lot of us are just going to take it with a grain of salt. But if pictures are taken without consent from Cedar Point and the company you work for, then don't take them.........period. And even if you do, don't post them on here.........period.

Getting your 5 seconds of fame is not worth possibly losing your job and or tarnishing what good ties this site has with the park. And likewise, desiring/demanding such things be shown is not conducive to your off season woes and only eggs that person to do something the vast majority of us frown upon. We will all find out soon enough what is or isn't happening other than that behemoth dive coaster they're building.

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Does anyone know why Cedar Point bought the Sandusky Airport? Is it for extra Parking or move all Challenge Park Rides in that area? I would like it so there would be more parking by Soak City or add more to the Park.

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Yes, and you can read all about it right here.

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If this is true, which I wouldn't doubt, then this would explain the utility markings I saw all through challenge park during closing weekend last season. Between that and the old section of Breakers that they demolished during renovations last year, I'd say its for a Soak City expansion for 2017 along with a new resort entrance.

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If true, I can see why the park would do it. Those go-karts didn't move much, maybe I just had bad timing when I was in that part of the park. The mini-putt occasionally had people out there, but it was in rough shape the few times I walked past it last season. Skyscraper, it's interesting to look at, but I've yet to ride it and it seemed like it was sitting idle way more often than not.

As far as Twisty CP and posting pics, assuming we aren't being trolled, and since you have been requested to not post them here, there are other options if you must post them. Theme Park Review and Screamscape come to mind. I would strongly suggest you make sure there aren't any NDA's in your contract if you are working for a contractor out there, it's not worth being fired over.

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In the grand scheme of things does it really matter if information is released? Not really.

However, I still believe in mutual respect when it comes to myself and the park. Cedar Point doesn't have to host these events for us. It makes us look bad when someone from our group prematurely releases potential information when the park had a plan in the first place. I get it, it's really cool to be the first to break or confirm news about one of your favorite places to hang out.

But again, if we want to continue the expectation of having these winter events where the park has historically released new information about the upcoming season, it would be wise not to post stuff that would spoil it for the park and the other park fans.

Mutual respect. That's your lesson for the day kiddos.


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Since Valravyn was leaked to the press, including to main area news outlets. The park is very aggressive about leaks and leakers, anyone working for Cedar Fair has been made clearly aware of this and has been informed of the consequences. They've upped security and surveillance in key offices, as they feel a lot of the thunder was stolen from them.

Sub contractors, I'd assume have been as well. However it is more difficult to control subs employees.

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If it isn't wrong for people to hack the Cedar Point VR app and see EVERYTHING about Valravn AND people complaining because they didn't take screenshots, then why would it be wrong to post pictures of demolition of a ride?

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