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The lockers for rides like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster are very nice because if you have large items like the sovenier water bottles they sell or a sovenier spongebob. What exactly are they doing as far as this new policy goes? Can someone quote from the article?

As far as the new loose article policy goes, I know it may create some confusion/frustration at the beginning of the season.. especially for our regular guests.

However, just from sitting at WT's entrance on a day to day basis... I've had more people upset over the fact that they could take their backpack/purse/whatever in line for Raptor, but not on WT - rather than the people who were just upset about having to get a locker period. I received more feedback from guests who felt we were 'inconsistant' with having boxes on Raptor & Mantis, but not on other rides, and not having an 'across the board' rule. Which, I have to say, I completely agree. Either you are able to stash your stuff in a box on every ride, or you need to get a locker for your stuff on every ride. Obviously, the easier choice was the latter.

I don't doubt that the new policy will cause a minor uproar from the guests who visit the park every season... but I do think it will make the ride hosts who are working entrance at any given ride at any given moment look a little more competent when the policy is the same from one ride to the next. You are at an amusement park, here folks... there's no need to drag your luggage around with you all day long.

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PKevin2004 said:
On the loose article policy, why don't they just put bins in the stations like they have at Raptor or Mantis?

Hehe - you will not think like that any longer after you work Magnum! ;) You have plenty to worry about in those 45-50 seconds trying to hit interval and not set up without people climbing over to put their junk in a bin. Just trust me - you don't want bins. Working Magnum is going to be a major step up in intensity (although I think in fun too) compared to Shivering Timbers.

CP is not going to make 100% of the people in their lines suffer with less capacity when maybe 10-20% actually would need to put something over there. Also, in cases like MF and Dragster, you exit at a different place than you boarded. That doesn't even get into the idea that CP probably doesn't want to be responsible for people's junk.


Will Magnum still run even if they havent finished the paint job by opening day ?

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I completely agree with what you are saying there Gravity. Working entrance had to have been a pain there at Wicked Twister. Especially since there is that shelf in the platform practically begging for loose articles to be left in the station.

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Rihard 2000 said:

Did Hot Diggity have cheese on a stick?

Yep, it certainly did. If you take a look here you can see it advertised on the sign. Kinda sucks to be losing a cheese on a stick location. I remember trying to find some on closing day and not finding any locations that sold it open.

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Rihard 2000 said:

Did Hot Diggity have cheese on a stick?

Kinda sucks to be losing a cheese on a stick location. I remember trying to find some on closing day and not finding any locations that sold it open.

Don't fret, just step around the corner to Transport Refreshments,
you can satisfy your Cheese-On-A Stick craving there too.

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I was able to find Cheese-on-a-Stick back at Frontier Food Company by Mean Streak on closing day. That was the only place in the park that sold them, I think.

As far as I know, Disaster Refreshments, Happy Friar, and the Frontier Food Company are the only 3 places you can get Cheese-on-a-Stick anymore.

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This may sound like a dumb question, but, are you still going to be able to bring on sandals? For example, on WT and Raptor and the power tower, can you still put them on those shelves?

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I would assume so, I can't see them not allowing sandals because lots of people wear sandals to the park. They are just talking about loose articles like cameras, stuffed animals won from games, and stuff like that. Sandals should be fine.

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I agree. I'm pretty sure they won't force people to wait in line barefoot, and I know I'd refuse to.

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I would assume so. It'd be a catch-22 if not. You can't be let into line without shoes, but if you can't take sandals.. well you get the point.

So, my informed opinion/guess would be that yes, you could still do it.

But perhaps I am wrong. I would bring a pair of shoes in the car just in case.

My suggestion is just to wear cargo pants with lots of zip and button pockets. ;)

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It always amazes me to see all the people who carry backpacks around the park. What could be so important that you have to carry it around all day?

If its a change of clothes, then you should put them in a locker, or leave them in your car. A locker only costs around a buck.

The only thing that I bring into the park is my wallet and cell phone(I have a buisness to run, and I am on call). Other than that, my hands are empty.

Sometimes I may bring a camera into the park, but I take all the pics that I want and then return the camera to my car or locker so I dont have to carry it around or worry about losing it on a ride.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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