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Would anyone want to have a meet up or something perhaps? IDK really.

Me and Brian (Thabto) were thinking of going there sometime during the day.

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Yeah, we were thinking of possibly going there on the way back in to preview night to get something to eat and a drink before going into the park.

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I think we will be arriving at the Thirsty Pony around 4:30-5 on Friday.

I never knew about the Leg glass of beer, I wont be able to try that on the 8th but the next time my wife and are there without the kids I think I'll get it just to say I did.

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Not only beer, you can get whatever mixed drink you want in the leg, and they don't skimp on the alcohol.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Lol! I'd have to stick with beer for something of that magnitude... I haven't had to be carried out of anywhere in many many years and I hope to keep that streak going!

Another nice time killing game is Ingress. It's a smartphone GPS game from Google. Many rides and landmarks at Cedar Point are in it. I currently "own" the big wheel and Maxair. Join the green team. The blue team is lame. ;)

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I might go see a movie in the time between as well. So far I think I can fill up that time with some good activities to keep busy.

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If it's beer you're after, I'd highly recommend Small City Taphouse, which is on Columbus Ave downtown. They have 46 brews on tap, and the food is also excellent (Asian fusion). I mean come on, how can you not want wings covered in "Magic Sauce"? :D

Probably not the place to go if you're pinching pennies, but it's good stuff. Looks like they open at noon on Fridays.

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