RMC Mean Streak Preview Contest "Spoilers"

^^Railblazer and Hangtime are probably going to Great America and Knott's. The ledge doesn't seem to fit CP's coaster.

Congrats to Cedar Point for not letting anything leak before the announcement! Though we still have 24 hours to go...

Most recent youtube update shows ledgers for the 4th inversion. Although the guy obliviously waving the camera back and forth states that there is nothing to see here... start at 2:22

It appears to start low on the left and climb just above the maintenance access road/tunnel. I assume it will exit out the same hole in the structure that the old ride did, which is up a bit and should allow the ride to gain speed after the inversion as it descends and then climbs back to the station.

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a little late, but I was at the sneak peek event Sunday. FF505 did a great job explaining everything.

Good lord, man. Learn the slow pan!
If the ride doesn't make you nauseous that video sure will.

Good lookin out, "3rd lap jo linn". (That's my name for you, btw. ;) )

After watching a POV video of the former Mean Streak, it looks like the footers and supports for the new bunny hop finale are right where they were in the rendering at the preview on Sunday. I believe that the new small airtime hills are closer to the ground than what was observed on the old POV with the final straight meandering stretch exiting the structure before entering the block brakes preceding the station.

The train picked more than enough speed on the sharp descent from the MCBR in the new POV. I'm sure that the height of this block was calculated to allow the train to make it back to the station after a complete stop, if need be. This should be a good thing for the long-term maintenance of the coaster so that it doesn't rip itself apart like MS 1.0 did.

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I was there Sunday and I never thought about counting it out, length of ride. Did anyone else who was there do this?

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

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I wondered the same after seeing the video. It did not slow down at all through MCBR and that didn't seem realistic to me.

I seem to remember that on the early Valravn POV's it whipped thru the MCBR as well? Obviously that doesn't happen on the real product.

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POV videos don't have trim brakes!

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