RMC Mean Streak Preview Contest "Spoilers"

You want someone to recreate it from memory in NoLimits, even though we will be able to see the official POV in two days?

What will be said here after high noon Wednesday? Lots at first. But I can guess the conversation might thin out until first rides. This no doubt will be incredible.

^ from what we saw on Sunday, this will no doubt be an incredible ride. non-stop from beginning to end.

,,,can't wait!

XS NightClub said:

Did they let you watch the video more than once?

For anybody wondering what exactly the sneak peek entailed, I will give a description. I arrived at the Jack Aldrich theatre at the front of the park around noon and there was one other contest winner waiting. People did not start showing up until about 12:40 pm. Security and CP police put two officers at the exit and within the next 10 minutes the line grew to about 40. Kristy came and told us that the sneak peek would take about 15 minutes. At 12:55 pm Tony Clark came out with a clipboard and told us it was time. He asked everybody one by one what their last name was and checked off the names. Another worker with Kristy handed out numbered bags to put cell phones in and Kristy handed out corresponding numbered tickets. A Cedar Point police officer then scanned us with a metal detector wand. After that, we were invited to take a seat in the darkened theatre. The screen said Cedar Point 1870 in an old west style font. We all talked about our letters and how we came up with our wild west nicknames. After a few minutes Tony came out and asked us if we still wanted to see the animation. He told us not to blink because they were only going to show the video once.

The video began as a pov. The car slowly rolled out of the station and quickly hopped over the bunny hills before the lift. The chain lift caught the train and pulled it up at a decent rate but not Millennium Force or Maverick speed. The drop was very gradual and rounded like Millennium Force, but quickly dropped into a vertical drop. I'm certain it was at least 90 degrees. At the bottom of the hill we smoothly flew over the small airtime hump and rocketed up first major airtime hill. When we reached the top of that hill, the horizon seemed to crash into the top of the screen as we flew down speeding toward the outward banked hill. The same as the first major hill, we are thrown over the hill at extreme speed. Never slowing down we are lifted over a double up into the first inversion. We dive through the lift and curve around back toward the lift structure. The curve being somewhat downward picked up more speed and zoomed through the second inversion at break neck speed. After we double down, we speed up and veer up to the left into the MCBR. The flat track gave no indication of slowing down at all. A slight turn to the left and a fast dive under the track of the first major airtime hill. Extreme airtime over the next hill, dropping down and curving up toward the right and immediately diving down slight left into an extreme bank that looked almost upside down. We dip down fast into a low inversion and go into a small airtime hill leading to the fourth inversion. It seemed almost like a stall but was going so fast it's hard to say how we exited the element. The end is kind of a blur to me. After that last inversion, the elements get closer and closer together, exponentially. I'm sure the track probably looks similar to the jagged lines on an EKG. Up and Down several times, and not very far off the ground. I want to say there was an outward turn in there (at least one). The very last hill into the brake run is killer. Goes up pretty high and dips down at a steep drop into the brake. The brake is not very abrupt like Raptor. It reminded me of Millennium Forces brakes.

Tony asked us what we thought. He then told us we had to wait until Wednesday for a name and stats and no questions would be answered. Tony also told us to feel free to share the details of the POV with anybody. They split the kept phones to the left and right of theatre for a faster exit. We all walked out and spilled the beans to our respective friends and family. Hopefully, that will hold you over until the Hootenanny.

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Thanks FF505 that was a very good report.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

Finally, someone who switched his brain over to photographic memory mode. I knew there was someone who could do it.

My gosh, I haven't even seen the POV and yet this ride sounds even more phenomenal. Does anybody here happen to know an effective way of killing the next 46 hours? :P

Join the drone morality thread that just came back to life.

Look at crappy no limits recreations of the ride

CP Top 5: 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Maverick 3) Magnum 4) Raptor 5) Millennium

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There are also those minecarts that are propelled by exploding bombs in Zelda:Breath of the Wild.

Hey, maybe that's an idea for a more reliable launch for TDD. BOOM!

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Did you take notes or something? You'd be an investigator's dream...seems like you'd remember everything from a crime scene. Not sure if I agree with everything, though. But I'll be honest and say there's no way I would've remembered it in such detail.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Cargo shorts, Death Mountain is my favorite area of that game mostly because of those kind carts. They're so cool. The one in Hyrule Castle doesn't do it for me though.

CP Top 5: 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Maverick 3) Magnum 4) Raptor 5) Millennium

Based on the descriptions I would say get there early in the year before they start to experiment with the midcourse breaks.

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Bombs? Why have I been using the Stasis rune to launch my cart!? I broke so many weapons getting those dang carts to move!

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Front Seat Rider said:
Based on the descriptions I would say get there early in the year before they start to experiment with the midcourse breaks.

Nope. I can't think of a single RMC conversion where that's taken place. Or ground-ups for that matter. There was a horrible rumor that DW had trimmed LR but that was a big fat lie. Thankfully.
No, for some reason RMC seems to get it right the first time. Is the intensity and/or speed for everyone? Probably not. But that's ok. The rest of us will get along fine.

^In that case get there late in the year after it breaks in and speeds up.

vwhoward said:

Did you take notes or something? You'd be an investigator's dream...seems like you'd remember everything from a crime scene. Not sure if I agree with everything, though. But I'll be honest and say there's no way I would've remembered it in such detail.

We will find out how good my memory is on Wednesday. When it comes to roller coasters, I love them so much, I seem to remember so much about them. I also love stats. The more the better. It seems as if I need to know every detail. I suffer from OCD and I think that plays a big role in my thinking. If CP leaves out a stat, I will literally lose sleep over it. When Mantis came out it was a dream because of all the stats they gave for all the loops and the figure eight finale. I still cannot get over the fact that they never released the degree of descent for the 131 ft drop on Valravn or the dive loop height. I always hope to run into Rob Decker to ask him.

Also, I can focus my memory to remember certain quotes in movies, so I just waited for after the third inversion and basically hit record.

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^What are the specific stats for all the parts of Mantis/Rougarou?

Also, I believe there's a shirt stating that Maverick's camelback airtime hill is 74 feet tall, along with some other obscure stats. Just a thought.

As for the NL2 request, I wasn't demanding. Just curious if somebody could show what the end looks like. But I am excited to know in less than 48 hours.

145 feet tall, 137 foot carousel turn. 52 degree drop, 119 foot vertical loop, 103 ft dive loop, 360 banked turn, 83 foot inclined loop, flat spin, figure eight finale and s turn.

I was one of the contest winners that had the opportunity to view the POV screening yesterday and have been waiting until I got back home today to type this out on a keyboard. Final Force 505 accurately described the events before and after the POV viewing along with the video itself to the best of my memory.

My observations on the POV: I think the final stretch back to the station was a series of at least 4-5 bunny hills from the far end of the structure after the fourth inversion which looked to be taken at quite a fast pace. I hope the restraints on the trains (which weren't shown at all) will be conducive to all of the airtime. I swear that this stretch was out in the open which would mean new footers would have to be poured and support structure built but I'm not 100% on this.

The final inversion is completely within the substructure of the ride which will make for a neat visual that is almost entirely obscured from spectators on the ground. The lift hill will indeed be a good bit taller than the original incarnation of Mean Streak but it's hard to tell if it will be over 200 feet. The drop appeared to be near vertical or close to it.

At the end of the day, I think we're all in for a treat next season. I'm hoping the trains have 28 seats versus 24 but I'll still get on this coaster no matter what. I may have to splurge on Fast Lane once but it will likely be well worth it to get a few laps on this beauty.

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