RMC Mean Streak Preview Contest "Spoilers"

You would be 100% sure if you had gone over there to look! The third inversion is visible within the structure, right behind the train station, and there are two airtime hills after that. They are out in the open and there's new structure under it.

I'm not sure why there's such confusion about this video. Truthfully, at this point, there's not much more to know aside from the top of the first drop and the last half of the third lap. Otherwise it's all visible from some place.

From my observation, the footers and path for the return to station have remained in place from the old ride, as can be clearly seen in this screen shot from the legal drone flight. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203658793825922&set=a.100...=3&theater

I tried to make this a publicly viewed shot let me know if it is not.

If this is so , the third lap will also be a head chopper for the exit from MCBR which I was surprised no one mentioned from viewing the pov.

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FF505, I'm not saying you're wrong, just remarkable that you remembered it in such detail. I was not at work, actually. I got out of a 12 hour shift at 6 am and drove 3 and a half hours, so by the time that screening started, I had been up for almost 24 hours at that point. Needless to say, we rode coasters all day and I barely remember that either. Still, glad to have had the experience. Plus the air conditioned theatre was awesome after standing in the sun while in lines for most of the morning.
P.S. I was the guy with the ponytail.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

^^ I can't access that link.

EDIT: Works fine now.

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I have a question.

Not that this really matters but how does one determine how the brake will be like or how fast the ride will actually be based of a computer POV. Does anyone thing he footage could have been sped up or slowed down? Just a little odd to say how brakes will actually feel until we actually ride the ride

Agreed, I thought the claim of massive airtime from watching a POV was interesting too. :) Although to be honest, it's probably a pretty safe bet based on other RMCs.


I just compared Maverick's airtime hill in it's pic to the new pic. I figured the airtime on Maverick's hill is extreme, and when I saw RMC Streak's first two hills the train flew over much faster. Also I compared how fast the horizon goes from bottom to the top of the screen.

I can't imagine they didn't design this for massive airtime. It has 4 inversions and is probably going to be over 200 feet tall with a nearly vertical drop, which would make it a fairly extreme coaster for most people already, and given the sluggish pace of Mean Streak was one of it's biggest issues aside from jerkiness, I just don't see why anyone wouldn't believe this is going to have some huge airtime all over.

I've never ridden an RMC, but watching all the POVs I can, it looks like every element they put in has a purpose and a "wow" factor to it.

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The second inversion on the pov looked dangerous. Also, the very end is insane. You have to see it to believe it. It looks rough and jerky.

Final Force 505 said:

The second inversion on the pov looked dangerous. Also, the very end is insane. You have to see it to believe it. It looks rough and jerky.

I hope its not rough and jerky lol

Me too. It would defeat the purpose of a conversion. I just think they stuffed as many bunny hills and a 90 degree turn in a small space between the fourth inversion and the brake. You are are going up and down like crazy in a short amount of time.

I screwed up my previous post with a really bad edit. Here we go again:

"What will they think of next?" is a time-honored question. In regard to CP, I was around when rides like Corkscrew and Gemini caused world-wide sensations. Comments like "three loops!" and "man, is that ride fast and steep!" come to mind. But as we all know, technology and creativity have a way of advancing.

If I'm to predict any complaints once this ride is revealed, it will be that RMC has bundled a big bag-o-tricks. Maybe this ride will be the perfect storm of features that RMC has in their catalog, but I guarantee you somebody will be disatisfied.
Along that line, these elements are tried and true. They are already present on various rides scattered across the country. I would say body-type or health restrictions won't be any different from what we find at SFoT, Dollywood, or Kentucky Kingdom. My advice for anyone who's never tried an RMC ride would be to get healthy and get their weight down if that's an issue for them at all. We'll see what the trains bring in terms of restraints etc. but the rides I've taken across the country have been fairly unforgiving. Hopefully the CP crew will be able to assist riders with lap bars and proper positioning, in the interest of quick dispatch, unlike other parks that make the rider struggle on their own while trains stack behind them.

Someone raised a question about speed, braking, and how they know. Rides are engineered these days so that every aspect of the ride is pre-determined. Every once in a while there's a surprise and a portion of a ride needs reconfigured, but not often. POV renderings are amazingly accurate, and are not done by amateurs basing their work on guesses. Since around the time of Maverick's announcement I've noticed that POV's offer a near perfect preview of what's to come. Think of Gatekeeper and Valravn. When I got to those rides I felt like I had already ridden them hundreds of times during the off season. Even the surroundings match up accurately.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's announcement, if for no other reason that to put an end to the endless and often silly speculation that we've endured for almost a year now.

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Dang it! You fixed it before I could joke about the redundancy in your post about the redundancy of the speculation! ;-)

What a mess! I hit the send button before I was done and tried to copy/paste and fix it and it got even more hosed up.
Hopefully it's right now

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Final Force 505 said:

Also, the very end is insane. You have to see it to believe it. It looks rough and jerky.

Though you did mention that the train flew through the MCBR with great speed. It would be trivial to pump the brakes a bit to ensure an enjoyable second half.

Also, I wonder how that second half will be coming from a dead stop on the MCBR.


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My silly speculation is CP will not divulge enough information Wednesday to put an end to the endless and often silly speculation. Buckle up, it's going to be a long off season.

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To my memory there's nothing in their recent history (other than perhaps MT's "the shed") to suggest we won't have nearly all the relevant details following tomorrow's announcement.


Oh, I have no doubt we'll have all the details we need. They've been at this for so long they HAVE to be growing tired of it and want this done as badly as we do.

My guess for #1 topic of complaint? The name. Hide and watch.

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djDaemon said:

Also, I wonder how that second half will be coming from a dead stop on the MCBR.

I wondered the same after seeing the video. It did not slow down at all through MCBR and that didn't seem realistic to me.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

If the train flies through the MCBR as reported it's quite possible the back half of the ride is still engineered so that it will make it back from a dead stop. It's high enough, I think. It may be sloooow, but that would make for an interesting experience as well...
If you've ever seen Raptor come down from the brake, it would be kind of like that.

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