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Hi guys!

My girlfriend and I are making another trip to CP the first week in August...3 nights overnight at Breakers. We like to explore the town/city a bit while we are there, instead of just staying at the resort the whole time. Last year, we went to Chet and Matts, Small City Taphouse, and 1 or 2 other places that I don't remember their names outside of the park/resort. We will obviously eat park food throughout the day as I'm thinking other than Famous Dave's etc. I was hoping you guys who are local or go more often than us could point us in the direction of a couple places we should definitely try! Can someone suggest at least 1 mildly fancy/romantic type place for a special dinner one night?

I searched the forum but didn't really see anything too current that might include newer spots.

EDIT : Any sushi fans here? Best sushi in the area?? Had Small City Taphouse last year...but this year wondering about Tomo in Breakers, as well as Samurai Japanese Steakhouse or Tokyo Rock?


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Shane Denmark -

How about Bay Harbor right at the marina? I've heard good things and it's a little more upscale dress...

What's the place called back by Sandcastle Suites? Do they serve besides the breakfast buffet? Not sure what the menu would be but you can't beat the view. We had breakfast there during a lightning storm once. That was pretty awesome. Personally I always thought that place should be revamped for some nightlife. Prime location.

F1rePhant0m -

Never tried Bay Harbor but looks interesting. Thanks!

Captain Hawkeye -

Definitely try bay Harbor. I'd assumed you had already been therew.

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I haven't been to Bay Harbor in years, but two things stand out in my memory. I ordered scallops, which were delicious, but there were more on the plate than I could count. Lots and lots, which I never consider to be a bad thing.
Also, I pulled a raw onion ring outta my salad that was so enormous a small dog could've jumped through it. Seriously, I thought "what the hell kind of hydroponic onion must this have been?" I showed it to the waitress and her eyes got almost as big as the onion.

So that's all I have for a revue, and it's all anecdotal. I wouldn't go now expecting either of those things. It is a popular local spot for seafood, especially during the off season.

Edit: I meant to put this as a "reply" to the Bay Harbor thing, not an "answer" Sorry.

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F1rePhant0m -

Thanks! Seems like Bay Harbor is fairly highly regarded here.

What,... no Golden Corral?

The suggestions posted here are all fine for bar food, but nowhere near what anyone would consider "fancy/romantic" places, even "mildly". The OP, in asking for ideas for a special night out, is clearly looking for something other than pizza, french fries, and wings.

So after putting on my thinking cap (and doing a quick Google search for "fine dining Sandusky") I came up with two possibilities. Downtown, on Market St, is Zinc Brasserie a nice, but casual spot with an interesting menu. The chef/owner came to Sandusky from NYC (no idea how or why that ever happened) But Trip Advisor is full of good reviews and rates 5 stars on the average.
Second, and on the fancier side, is Chez Francois on Main St in Vermillion. They promise an "elegant, upscale French destination" and is probably on the pricey side. It would be away from Sandusky, but not too far. The drive is nice and Vermillion is a scenic location with great views of marinas and the lake.

Disclaimer: I personally have not tried either of these places, but from what I read I definitely would. They each seem like a nice diversion from CP park food and local tourist junk food.

F1rePhant0m -

Yes! We actually checked into Zinc Brasserie and believe thats on the list for our upcoming trip. Ill be sure to let you know what we think! We really loved Small City Taphouse last year and have high hopes for Brasserie.

I used to really like the Damon's at Battery Park Marina. Haven't been there in years and I know it changed to something else for a while and then back to Damon's. If nothing else, it has a great view of CP from across the bay.

Quaker Steak has actually been pretty good so far in my experience as well.

And of course the already mentioned Chet and Matt's.

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Thirsty Pony.

F1rePhant0m -

Hahah, good call. Been there a few times. Stayed at that Comfort Inn I believe it was and spent a pretty good night there. I'll be sure to stop back in on the 2016 trip!

Shane Denmark -

What's the story on The Thirsty Pony? Is the food good? Is it a good time for families, or a good time bar atmosphere? I always see people mention it here but I don't want to stroll in with my six year old son and have it be a bar...

I tried Chet & Matt's back 10 years ago. I got delivery to the hotel; I was completely unimpressed. Is it better in the restaurant? Is there more to it than just the food?

F1rePhant0m -

I would think time of day may play a role. I was only there twice during a trip with no kids...but I do remember lots of kids there in early evening. Big menu...decent bar food...bowling...and was connected to our hotel. Seemed kind of unique to me.

Rusty -

I've come late to the party and so it may be too late for the OP, but if you are looking for fancy or romantic in town, I would toss two recommendations your way: Amarone is a great Italian place right downtown. It shares a building with a Subway, but don't let that discourage you or jade your opinion. Amarone is an awesome and authentic Italian eatery. Another option is Red Gables - on Cleveland Road just a few minutes east of the CP Causeway. Fantastic steak there.

If you are looking for a casual non-franchise family restaurant, you can't go wrong with Berardi's on Perkins Avenue. Famous for their fries (they used to sell them at Cedar Point), don't leave there without trying a cup of the potato knoepfle soup.

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