Raptor VS. Alpengeist-(battle on Lake Erie): poem

It was a holiday weekend
There was no major race
Raptor was heating up it's track
In his Cedar Point place

Gathered around
Were spectators watching him fly
When the approach of an inverted
Caught everyone's eye

It was Busch Gardens Alpengeist
In his intense mood
He was out to beat Raptor
He knew that he could

So Raptor accepted the challenge
That Alpengeist gave
And as for the spectators
Raptor was their fave

Now they coasted their trains
Up to the gate
But when it dropped
Raptor got out late

Silence fell
As everyone looked
Was it really true
was the mighty bird of prey cooked

Alpengeist looked back
He saw the bird in his wake
The heart-line spin
Geist went to take

Geist went for total air
The bird saw his chance
Soar through the cobra roll
And I'll win this big dance

Alpengeist was gliding
Then he looked ahead
It was the Ruler of the Sky
Geist wished himself dead

Geist did all he could
He twisted and turned in the air
But he had been beaten
It was square and fair

So if you ever challenge the bird
Do it just for fun
Don't even dream of winning
Because THE RAPTOR IS # 1

Merry Christmas guide to the point!! *** This post was edited by Superstew on 12/12/2000. ***
What they off-season will do to some people... ;)

Interesting peom.

How dare you vanquish the Steel Phantom without his consent? Fear the Phantom's Revenge.
Sounds like someone needs a ride on Raptor just as bad as I do.

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Aren't we all in a poetic mood lately?

There once was a man from Nantucket....

Ahh nevermind.

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One word SKYKICKER!!!!
I agree, The geist gave Williamsburg hope, but our the raptor is still dope. WELL DONE.
Joe E
GTTP is now Poetry to the Point.

And Hooper was riding the back right

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Hooper may have been riding back right
but Jo was at controls isn't that a fright?

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Welcome back Raptor riders (Matt) how was your flight???
BSG, that's what I was thinking...Aren't we getting creative lately.
So that's why Raptor has been getting snowed on lately. Of course Raptor hardly notices, he is always snowy white. LOL

"Welcome back riders, how was your ride."

"All I can say is it's great to be back."
Hey I liked Alpie better!!!  LOL.  Poems rule.
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OMG talk about bringing back an old topic..

haha play the "find Natalie's old screenname" game!  It's there!

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Holy Crap!  I didn't even realize it was old until I saw the screen name, Natalie!  Impressive.
Mr. Skyward is my hero.

It's that time of year again. Wow! Did I really write that. Hmmm.... I must be really cool ;)

I was super before Superstew was cool!

Talk about back in the day! :) Some of us have been here for a long time...perhaps too long.

Launch: Tophat: Twistage: Brakes...

...Denial is an ugly thing.

How about it... To say that we're seasoned veterans would be an understatement.

I was super before Superstew was cool!

Sigh...loved the poem, but now my homesickness is really kicking in!!!

My need for speed is second only to my need to be inverted! No wonder Raptor is my favorite!

I am such a huge CP fan, but at least I can admit where something's better-I'd rather ride Alpie any day. sorry. good poem though
i was really missing being up there. but that just made me feel really lonely without being up there. but that is a really good poem, im going to keep it

Being that it's only once a year... I needed a dose.

I was super before Superstew was cool!

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