Power outage

How are you gonna fill a pool if the water main is busted?

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They had one last season but the new water tower allowed them to have enough water to keep the park open.

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If it helps docks 12-14 at the Marina were without water for about an hour on Sunday for some reason. Maintenance came and got us working again pretty quickly. :)

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I had an idea for an out & back between the main lot and the marina boat yard, on that winding strip of grass, all the way to the toll booths. The power/telephone lines alongside the road would have to be buried first, avoiding the issue of vehicles/weather taking them down.

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I think Six Flags has a registered trademark on parking lot coasters.

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Gatekeeper gobbled up half of preferred parking. Does CF pay Six Flags royalties now?

If we build it, they will come.

Negative. CP was forced to removed the former tarmac first to avoid patent infringement.

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