Planning a 2 week trip to CP in May and need hotel advice.

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Am planning on a 2 week trip to CP in May with my children and my little nephew and wondered about the area hotels.

On point and Breakers Express are out of my budget for an entire two weeks and I am wondering about the "Econo Lodge" in Norwalk or "Red Roof" in Milan/Sandusky.

I know the site doesn't endorse any certain hotel but I am wondering if either of these are better than the other or if they are both not a good choice at all.

I have explored the many other hotel threads here on the board but don't see a mention of either of these. Saw mentions of other "dirty" or "gross" hotels so I thought I would ask you experts.

Can't wait til May!!! I am beyond ready and having CP withdrawl.


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I would recommend the SouthShore Inn.

I know the family that owns this hotel. I have done computer work for them at the hotel and have stayed there numerous times. The food is great, too.

I have stayed in numerous hotels/motels during my Cedar Point stays. All the links below are to the ones in Sandusky.

Super 8 Motel
Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Express
Great Wolf Lodge

2 weeks? Not trying to be rude in any way, but what do you plan on doing in Sandusky for 2 weeks (besides CP)?

I haven't really thought too much about it as the kids all love CP and going out onto the beach. Two years ago we went on one of those little cruise boat rides CP had but I don't think they have that anymore do they? I think it was called the Harbor Belle?

For the most part just CP and swimming unless someone can fill me in on other interesting things to do in Sandusky. I heard CP is about it as far as fun goes.

Last year we stayed at Express as we only stayed three days but there was this horrible sulfur smell that hurt our lungs so bad. It was everywhere in the town which is strange because I only ever noticed it before by Lee's Chicken.

I know there is a horrible movie theater we stumbled upon when we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge on Thanksgiving. It was about as "ghetto" as you could get. Looked as if it hadn't been cleaned or painted since opening day.

What are your suggestions? I would be glad to hear them.

You are going to get very bored, I sugest you stay for 3-4 days, then you could at least stay in one of the nicer hotels. I got bored ther for 2 days, and I love CP.

I know Kalahari is opening and we have reservations for opening day, but one day is all we can afford at that place.

It is supposed to be better than GWL.

I wanted to stay at Hotel Breakers (nice lakeview suite) but the kids said they heard it is haunted and they don't want anywhere near there other than eating at Fridays.

Can't go wrong with " Dusk to Dawn " motel. Cheap too!! I almost forgot, they got a new pool too!
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Later Wally

Okay, is this like in high school when you tape a kick me note on the new kids backs.

I know all about DTD Hotel from reading here all the time.

You can't fool me, lol.

Wow, two weeks would be a very long time. I think that's something I'd do when I get older and rich. Stay at Hotel Breakers and beach-bum it out for a few weeks. That's a dream of mine.

-S. Eagle

Smoking Marijuana isn't a bad thing or even a good one, like everything else, its what you make of it.

Jo, I think 2 weeks is fine. You are roughly an hour away from Cleveland and there is the Rock and Roll Hall Of Hame/Museum, the Art Institute, Hard Rock Cafe', there is plenty to do in the general area for two weeks.


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Where are you from, CP is #1? Just curious to see if your flying in or what.

-S. Eagle

Smoking Marijuana isn't a bad thing or even a good one, like everything else, its what you make of it.

LOL, I am from Canton, but am getting season passes for CP and GL and want to get my money worth.

That and my car isn't the greatest and I don't want to keep driving back and forth that distance so I figure we would stay for several days in May and then in August and a few days inbetween.

Does anyone know if they usually do fireworks on the 3rd or 4th of July?

The Fourth of July. And it's also the only day the 10pm laser light show is at 11pm.

So, it will be on the Fourth of July this year even though it's not on a weekend right?

I have never seen the laser show so I am looking forward to that also.

2 WEEKS?!? After 3 days in the park, I've had about as much fun as I can handle! 2 weeks is too long, if you ask me.


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Ya... sorry but I can spend AT MOST maybe 2 days at Cedar Point.

Wow, 2 weeks.

I would hope you plan on maybe going to Cleveland, or other areas at least rather than totting around Sandusky. Do as much else as you can.. a couple days gets to be a lot, I cant imagine 14.

I would have to be PAYED to stay that long. =P

What's wrong with hanging out at the best family amusement complex in the world? Come on people. You gotta go to downtown Sandusky and see the in-ground clock and calendar. I love how the grass changes everyday to display the date. But when Cedar Point closes for the season, the grass no longer grows. Yes I know how they do it so don't write how stupid I must be! I'm just having some fun.

Yeah...two weeks would be long for me. Last year we were in Sandusky for 5 days, planning 3 at the parks and were deadly bored on the off days...we did visit Cleveland and attractions there (science museum/IMAX and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), drove across to the Marblehead lighthouse, buzzed one of those dinosaur attractions, toured the coast a bit. Now, we were with two teenage girls, and I think we could have stretched it out about maybe another day without their attitudes, 'cause there are some pretty cool caverns, animal parks, and other stuff around...but, that being said, while two weeks would seem interminable to me, it may be perfect for CP is #1.

In terms of hotel recommendations, we have stayed at the Hampton Inn in Sandusky, and were pretty pleased...there was a stellar breakfast buffet included every day, an indoor pool, jacuzzi, and an exercise room, and it was reasonably priced.

But again, if it was me (and again, I know it's not), I'd cut the time by half and stay right at about a memorable vacation!

2 Weeks is a long time and will probably be a big waste of money.

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