No cell phones... at all

Don’t you need an iPhone for the Apple Watch to work through? Not overly familiar...


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Right after I entered the entrance this morning, security came up to me and asked if I had a phone in my zippered pocket. I pulled out my wallet from the pocket and he was satisfied. So just not using the phone while waiting may not be foolproof. I don't know what would have happened if I had refused to show him.

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Images of security guards holding riders upside down shaking out their pockets just flashed through my head.

Shane Denmark said:
Don’t you need an iPhone for the Apple Watch to work through? Not overly familiar...

The Apple Watch 3 with cellular lets you make a call, send a text, and stream music without needing to connect to an iPhone. The non-cellular Apple Watch models require the iPhone to be within Bluetooth connection range however.

You are correct that you do need to own an iPhone and pay a $10/month add-on fee to the cell carrier to allow the Watch to work as a stand alone device that shares the same phone number as your iPhone.

It can be flaky at times and it was pretty expensive, but it has been awesome in several situations where I didn't want to lug around my iPhone and still be able to take a call/send a message.

Here is some info from Apple.

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I, for one, think it's AWESOME that in the midst of all this fan outrage over a ridiculous policy, Tony has posted a picture from the station. IE, having gone through the queue with a phone. IE, as far as I can tell the world hasn't ended.

PR 101, sir: Not a very good look. This sentiment could have been shared from many other places without reminding us of the most silly thing CP has thought up in years.

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The Samsung Gear S3 watches can do everything except make a phone call over WiFi. Your phone does need to be on, as messages, etc are synced to the watch via your Samsung account, but you do not need your phone with you or within Bluetooth range. There is also a version of the watch with LTE built in that can make calls/texts even if your phone is off.

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^^So are you bitter that you can't take that same photo? He's marketing the park by showing a picture of their shiny new roller coaster, and its proximity to the lake. They also take photos & video shoots from other areas of the park that are off-limits to the general public. Should those be stopped as well? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to bring my phone in a cargo pocket. But this isn't exactly salt on a wound. He's just doing his job.

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That isn't from the station, it is from the transfer track area.

SV ruins all other rides.

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Maybe Tony was using his iPad, it doesn't say anything about bringing those in the queue.

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MForce411, you're comment is much dumber than the CP cell phone policy.

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Pete said:

MForce411, you're comment is much dumber than the CP cell phone policy.

I'll just breathe in the typo.

While visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg this last spring, I noticed a large basket with fanny bags at the entrance to Tempesto. They were of a mesh material, were bright neon orange, and were nothing anyone would be likely to keep. Well, at least I wouldn’t, but I have good taste.
The hostess pointed them out as a place to put your stuff and keep it with you, and riders were free to borrow it for the duration of the wait and wear it for the ride.
I thought it was such a brilliant and effective idea, and wondered why more parks don’t do this.
Before anyone reminds me about the potential wait time and long queue at Steel Vengeance, they could post a host at the top of the stairs for the shake down and the bag loan. They could be loaded up before entering the platform, ops could keep their eye on those that have em to avoid shenanigans, and they could be emptied and deposited at the top of the exit stairs. No precious load time lost.

Yep, there are dozens of examples from other parks that have come up with better, more creative, more guest-friendly solutions, and Cedar Point chose the least creative, most guest-unfriendly (read, cheapest) “solution”. Europa Park, here’s your 2018 Golden’s Ticket Award.

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A guest commented that the policy, "... lacked elegance...".

IMHO a well considered thought on the subject.

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Since they haven't won best park golden ticket in years, and the chain has been hitting record numbers year over year, I don't think they really give a crap.

Also, remember the condition of the park during the Kinzel years when they won best park for almost two decades... do you really think it was deserved then but not now?

That said, yes there are other solutions out there, but there are only 3 weeks left of the regular season. People just got hurt a couple weeks ago on TT which instituted this policy. So this is probably the most immediate and effective to implement now, and yes cheapest. But, let's give them some time to figure out a better policy which works.

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Fanny packs have never been allowed on the ride- is it due to the type of restraint? Do other RMC's with this type of restraint allow fanny packs?

My daughter and I were at the park from July 16-20. On July 16-19 she was allowed to ride SV with a fanny belt. It’s basically a belt that has two areas that expand for cell phones, keys, or sun glasses. The worker told us the policy has changed and the belt would be fine. On the 20th she was able to get in the que with it, but had to give it to a ride operator when she boarded. They were very nice about it and told her the policy recently changed again.

You know, you have to give credit to the Steel Vengeance crew. They have put up with A LOT since the beginning of the season. A lot of capacity and policy changes. I have no doubt they handle every difficult guest with class to be honest.

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I was on the CPLE RR at Frontier Station earlier today, watched people come down the stairs after riding Steel Vengeance. I counted four different people holding phones in front of them as they came down. I guess rules do not apply to everyone.

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I rode steel Vengeance for the first time since the no-cell-phone policy and really liked the retro feel to the wait as everyone was playing games and talking. We waited just over an hour to ride and I didn’t see a single cell phone.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

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