No cell phones... at all

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This probably warrants its own thread, but according to the Internets, you can't even bring a phone into line now:

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I wish they could make an exception for zippered pockets but I guess some social media junkies can't be trusted to leave it in their pocket for 3 minutes. Now we need a locker "add on" to the season pass. I hope everyone with a cell phone in that sign sees their phone in there.

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I had seen Twisted Timbers went to this a week or two ago so I guess I'm not surprised. Seems rather difficult to enforce without a patdown or a metal detector though. Are they really going to go to those lengths?

SV is one ride I feel a lot better riding with completely empty pockets. Even if I have a phone inside my jacket and zippered, it's still lifting way up into my face and kind of annoying.


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I’m guessing for now it’s pretty much “if we see it, no ride” instead of a metal detector or something. I only bring my phone about 40% of the time so hopefully It won’t impact my usual plans.

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Still seems pretty weird. If there was some specific event that prompted this, it feels reactionary. The issue is not likely anyone losing a phone as an accident, but rather deliberately having one out. That can happen on any ride.

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I hope they consider free 60-minute lockers like Universal Florida has near many rides. Regardless of the safety improvements of this rule, some folks are gonna be upset thinking this is a money grab and free lockers might be a great good will gesture.

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I hope they implement some sort of “phone swap” program like parent swap.... no way do they have enough lockers for EVERYONE to put their phones away and not all groups have a “non-rider” to leave them with,

Agree. Two hours worth of standby queue will have 1,500ish folks in line. Even with groups sharing a locker, there can't be more than a couple hundred in that locker bank.

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I try not to bring my phone into the park, yet this still annoys me...

If they actually enforced the no cellphones out on the ride rule, they wouldn't need to make more rules that they may or may not enforce...

Had this on El Toro. I wondered if Cedar Fair would start doing it too. This is going to be interesting from an enforcement and guest services standpoint.

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IMHO, if they're gonna enforce the no cellphone rule, they need to make it a "you can't have anything on you".

I don't know, maybe I'm a little pissed because I'm responsible with my phone?

I just don't see how people take them out on any ride really, it's like waiving around $600-$1000 on a ride. :/

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Ya, El Toro says you can't have anything in your pocket, not just phones...

If it's a loose object issue, ban objects... If it's an issue with people taking their phones out, then deal with the people who take their phones out...

On SV, if I put my phone in a locker, but have keys in my pocket and they come out, I've got 4 keys, a fob, and a screw-lock carabiner... That's not exactly gonna enhance the ride experience of whomever it hits...

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Good thing the park has good WiFi, sure is going to piss off a lot people that don’t have an iPod Touch. Will have to check but may have some cargo shorts with a pocket than can hold an iPad Mini.

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Jeff said:

If there was some specific event that prompted this, it feels reactionary.

The caption on the FYE Coasters photo in the link says there were a couple injuries on Twisted Timbers. Makes a bit of sense since apparently this rule started there first. Maybe not enough people are using zippered pockets and rides likes these are more likely to shake it loose from normal pocket. I agree that prohibiting phones in secured pockets seems like overkill, but they are just prohibiting phones, not everything like wallets too. So to me that means either the heft of the phones cause injury, or phone are more likely to be pulled out while on the ride. Probably both.

They should have lockers with chargers inside and charge extra. I really hope the silver lining is shorter lines.

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Yep, the only good thing I can see is shorter lines. Seriously, why not just get a multi-use locker that can move to other rides and be done with it? That's what I do. Okay, some may not be able to afford it.

As for the cargo shorts, I actually did have velcro ones that did work to an extent. Are they going to make an exception for cargo shorts that are zippered, buttoned, or velcro?

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I'll have to wait and see how this goes. Needless to say being autistic, bad social anxiety, big introvert, I just can't simply talk to other people. And certainly not amused considering I am very adamant bringing zippered pockets every time I go and checking they are closed every time before I ride.

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Unless they’re going to have security patrolling the queue looking for phones, or institute metal detectors ala Universal, there’s no way they can actually enforce this. So put it in your zippered pocket when you come through the entrance and as you near the station, and there’s nothing to worry about.

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Let's just all ride naked.

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Pointbuzz, let me multi-vote that comment. Finally an idea I can get behind. XD

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I didn't feel like waiting in line tonight but we were checking the line and my kids noticed the sign. The attendant said too many people are losing them and someone is going to get hurt. I showed her my custom done riding shorts cargo pocket and she was about to let me in. If they really start actually making people with truly secured pockets dump all their stuff then I don't see me being able to ride much. When I go with my boys we don't have a non rider. If my phone can't come on what about my camera? my car keys? my inhaler? Hopefully they will allow judgement for truly secured items. I shouldn't have to rent a locker every time I ride something when I have taken the responsibility and done the work to properly secure my stuff. And as was pointed out, there aren't going to be enough lockers for a two hour long line.

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