New Slogan?

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I'm going to Kings Island in 2 weeks so I've been following them a little. I saw their first commercial advertising Kings Island as "The Fun and Only". Thought it was lame, but now, on other forums, people are saying other Cedar Fair parks are using the slogan "The Fun and Only", like it may be a chain wide move.

Cedar Point, The Fun and Only?

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First time to Cedar Point was opening day 2009, 7 hours in line for TTD, 2 rollbacks =)

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Still, it's better than: Cedar Fair - Someone Please Buy Us!


Cedar Point will probably stick to RIDE ON!

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Ride on is the better of them

First time to Cedar Point was opening day 2009, 7 hours in line for TTD, 2 rollbacks =)

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I like "Ride On", "Get to the Point" and "America's Roller Coast". I don't know about "Fun and Only", maybe if it was exclusive to Cedar Point, but not when 11 parks are using it.

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I would say get use to seeing the same slogan chain wide.

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I guess it can't be anyworse then...

Kings Island Where Else?..Cedar Point!

Kings Island even has a song for their Fun and Only!

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I'm still a big fan of America's Roller Coast

First rollback=opening weekend '09

Oh, I see what they did there. They took out the word "one" and replaced it with "fun"...

4 summers of employment in ride operations does stuff to you.

How much did they pay for THAT slogan?

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Hopefully not $6.5 million :)

I just got back and King's Dominion still uses the "Ride On". Hopefully it's just King's Island, because it does stink.

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^Well I wouldn't be so quick to think that. When Cedar Point started using "Ride On", everyone still said "Americas Roller Coast". Occasionally I still here someone say "What's life if you never get to the Point?". While it might be chain wide, it might be a two year switchover.

Wow. That is beyond bad. What, did they have a contest at a local grade school?

I guess that's what you get when you're pinching every penny. :)

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Sounds like they're trying to capitalize on their stock ticker symbol.

But it's still pretty lame.

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Ride on for sure is better.

Let's Get Weird.

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"Welcome back riders! How was that ride!? please exit the train to the right and enjoy the rest of your day here at Americas Roller Coast Cedar Point RIDE ON!"

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I still want a return to "Come On, Get On, Cedar Point!". :)

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lol that made my day. Enjoy your day at Americas Rockn Roller Coast! Cedar Point. Ride On!

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