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I know we already have the Next Big Coaster thread and the In the Dark thread. But I believe it's time to seriously consider what we get next year. I don't think it will be a coaster and if it is it'll be something small like a Wild Mouse.
My hope is that Slingshot is the precursor to Challenge Park leaving and a Soak City expansion into that old area. If it isn't Soak City I believe we'll see an update to Blue Steak Midway finally.

I don't think most pointbuzz users would want to talk about 2015 without much to go off of, but I remember reading about Jason McClure saying something along the lines of CPs next coaster being in the works (probably design phase) and Tony talked bout how good he thinks the next few "five year plan" years will be. "the next 2-3 years"? Maybe next year?

I'm sure whatever CP has planned for 2015, it will be good, like always.
Maybe those markings seen on Coastermania day have to do with something.

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Worlds biggest hot dog stand.

Does the world's biggest hot dog stand also serve the biggest hot dogs??

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Of course not, that would not be economical.

That wood appears to be in a parking lot. Perhaps it's by the new concrete pad near Gatekeeper. Speculate away!

Here's some of the utility markings that I took pics of Saturday:

Behind Midway Market, they're also along the plaza in front of Point Pavilion, going thru and around the Raptor restrooms. Tons of electric and water markings which most likely means something will be done in this area. I do think the Raptor restrooms might possibly be relocated to the location by the old Pirate Ride building (they're sorely needed over there especially after Chickie's & Pete's not having them), and also if the rumored Blue Streak midway is to be developed. This would take care of two problems at once. In conclusion, this all might tie into the stack of wood Tony tweeted about...the new bathrooms in the location of the old Pirate Ride building would in turn lead to the need for the relocation of Boo Hill's current home. Got all that? Just a thought.

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Maybe new bathroom for Chickie's and Pete's?

That's a big bathroom...

Maybe a convenient outhouse just outside of Chickie & Pete's.

Survivor Day, new for 2015 at Chickie's and Pete's. Only at Cedar Point!

AlexGillman said:

Yeah, this is the same kid who said it was impossible for Kings Island to get a B&M Invert this year.

Credibility level: Zero.

2003 - Wicked Twister
2004 - Wicked Twister/Top Thrill Dragster

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Floorless restraunt!

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My guesses: (In order of most likely to least likely)

Something not on this list
Nothing major to get excited about
New Haunt
New Wood Coaster
Attempt to redo Mean Streak (again)

We have to remember this is Tony that posted the picture and his clues are mostly unusual but very clever. For all we know they could be rebuilding the towers and stairs to the Soak City Slides with new wood.
I am hoping it is a Wood coaster but by the looks of where the pictures are taken at it won't fit and its not very likely at all, but I would love to be proven wrong.

We can speculate all we want, but did anyone predict Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles for this year?

Other than a new ride, I'm predicting more Breakers renovations/additions than already announced.

^ You mean like the demolition not yet announced but found in the renderings in the lobby? :)

How about a dark ride in the old pirate ride building like Canada's Wonderland, or the removal of the small rides by blue streak and the red dorms and/or the theater and a new woodie in its place. Who knows.

topthrilldragster4lyf said:
^ You mean like the demolition not yet announced but found in the renderings in the lobby? :)

Yup, that one. The "surprise" might be another tower addition to bring the hotel back to some level of symmetry.

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