Millenium Force downtime August 2018

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coasterer wrote:
^^^^We were there most of the day today, and yes, were told that MF was down all day for maintenance by a guy at the front of the line. It started the day stuck on the lift, but that train was gone after an hour or so I think. Didn't ask details, but he said it was all day and it sounded somewhat routine, but I don't fully know. We were there 10-5:30 and never saw it run.

Just talked with Guest services and they told us that Millenium Force is undergoing some unexpected maintenance and they are not able to estimate a reopening date right now. - Bummer! Now Volcano, Lightning Rod and Millennium Force might be down during our coaster tour this time. Hope Cedar Point will fix the issues as soon as possible...."

Is anyone at the park who could get some more details? How quick is the park's maintenance department with fixing rides?
We will be at the park this coming weekend and during the second to last week of August..

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There are rumors on another forum, stating that there are problems with the lift motor. Any idea how long it takes to replace it?

maverick master -

Just saw a train on the webcam five minutes ago. It was too far away to tell if people were on it though.

I was two trains away from riding yesterday during Early Entry when the train got stuck on the lift. It was evident that this was pretty serious because the ride op I talked to didn't even give the token answer of "we're down for maintenance, not sure how long it will take." He flat out said I should go elsewhere. Obviously that turned out to be good advice.

As for what the issue could be, I would bet that it has something to do with the cable system judging by the multiple maintenance personnel near the base of the lift almost immediately after the train got stuck on the lift. I later rode the CP&LE to see if they were still working at the lift hill. There was one maintenance guy at the base of the lift along with what I assume to be a higher-up and two more maintenance guys at the spot where the cable comes back down near the bottom of the drop. I am nowhere near an expert on Millennium Force, but could the cable have snapped? Nothing looked visually out of place from the train, but it didn't appear that anyone was doing repairs. They were all just looking at the system. If it is a cable snap, I would imagine that this will be a multi-week closure.

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The park rarely gives any details. Maintenance will get it operating as fast as they possibly can, the park does not like having a top attraction down.

operative_me -


In all seriousness, I'd be surprised if it was still down this weekend. I have no concrete facts on this, just a hunch.

haiderodes01 -

It’s been back up the last couple of days running 2 trains.

TwistedWicker77 -

It was running 3 trains perfectly fine when I was there last Thursday.

Urumqi -

It hasn’t run at all today.

Cargo Shorts -

Sounds like a bad case of Intaminitis which is characterized by frequent relapses.

Urumqi -

It started to run around 9:00pm, running only two trains. Very long lines.

Boris1981 -

We were there from last Sunday until Tuesday. On Sunday the ride did only open from 8-11pm (2 trains, red and blue), Monday was fine from open until close, but only 2 trains (yellow and blue), on Tuesday we never saw it run until 9pm, again only 2 trains.
Can anybody guess why they still have these issues and what could be the reason for the frequent downtimes?
Why don't they shut it down, order a replacement for the broken parts and reopen permanantly?

MDOmnis -

Maybe they can't get whatever is needed quickly so they welded something together or did a band aid fix to try to get through the season. No one knows. I'm sure their goal is to have it up as much as possible.

MF with two trains is pretty bad. Would be better without the unload station in that scenario. There has to be a reason they're doing that. Perhaps something with the lift motor. I believe running two trains allows it to keep the same speed the entire way up the lift rather than starting slower and then speeding up. I really have no idea. Just a thought.

jimmyburke -

This morning for Early Entry was interesting for "down-time". 9:00am walked past ValRavn, it was down, not testing. Ventured past Millenium Force, it was down, not testing. Walked past Maverick, it was down, not testing. Went up Gemini midway at 9:25am and my son & I rode Snoopy Express, 2 rides, front row. He rode a couple other rides there as we wasted time until 10:00. At 10:00 walked past TTD, it was down, not testing. Over the next hour I did notice ValRavn, Maverick operating & MF testing. We had a good time as usual but I overheard much grumbling as we walked around.

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