Mantis removal or transformation?

In that article the author states that numerous stand up rides have been removed or re-configured. What coaster that was built as a stand up has ever been re-configured? I have not found a single instance of that happening, some have gone from traditional to stand up, but none from stand up to something else.

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For those saying they don't see a dark ride going in that spot, look at the satellite. It doesn't have to go over the water but there's a good piece of land there that would make a pretty good spot for a building.

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I figured it out, it appears that Mantis will be renamed back to Banshee, now that the public accepted it at Kings Island. No controversy here.

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magdrag95 said:
You all read far too much into this (in my opinion). Ripping out Mantis, per lackluster ridership, painful experience, and few stand-ups remaining in operation today. Same concept applies to why Raging Wolf was closed b/c Arrow suspended coasters had limited parts. I would only hypothesize this being the same issue.

Limited parts doesn't hold water. Not only has S&S kept Arrow's parts division open, a roller coaster is not a Hadron collider; in actuality they are rather simple machines and any needed parts can be fabricated. The fact that there aren't that many stand up coasters is also irrelevant; TTD is one of only two machines like it on the planet and it manages to keep running.

The closing date is the key; its too late in the year to have the ride removed for the 2015 attraction to take its place and an extra two weeks isn't necessary if the site needs to be cleared for 2016 or beyond. What would be beneficial is two weeks worth of time during the season to begin a conversation process while the full maintenance crew is available.

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I'm reading the press release and there is no mention of the word "removal", just closing. I still think "One last stand" means it's going floorless.

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We-o-we-oooo said:
What would be beneficial is two weeks worth of time during the season to begin a conversation process while the full maintenance crew is available.

So they are just going to talk about what they are doing with the ride for two weeks? Must be a union job. :)

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Mantis :( :( :( :(

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But really when tony was crying that made my day

If they do get new trains, is it possible they buy the used trains from Freestyle park in Myrtle Beach? Cost would be cheaper and wouldn't have to modify the station too much... Just a thought, but I would prefer floorless.

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I'm still thinking that it's just going to be changed into a different ride. I think if it were being demolished, they would leave it open until the last day.

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Wow..imaginations are still running rampant.

The "One Last Stand" about just a homage to the fact it's a standing coaster.

In regards to it closing. "It’s time to say goodbye to one of the park’s coasters." To me that says it's leaving the point.

That same person also said 2015 will be a new thrill ride. I don't think a rebranded new train and paint coaster sits in that category.

Did anyone not look and see, hey, they did this in 2012 with DT, or 2011 w/ PWX..History people, same thing here basically.

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I can't imagine the full maintenance crew has to go back to college. Wouldn't you keep your full maintenance crew on staff year round to allow them to focus on maintenance etc during the off season?

I suspect the 19th October closure of Mantis has more to do with PR ("As we mourn the end of Mantis, we're excited to announce that in 2015...") than maintenance or construction needs.

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There is an interesting rumor going around the marina that, if true, means there is much more news to come for 2015. It seems to tie in with the Mantis closing. If this is a refurbishment it would mean extensive changes to the ride making it virtually a new coaster. I think it's more likely though that the coaster is going to a different park (Dorney?) and something new (and big) is coming in it's place.

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If you look at the land Mantis occupies plus some of the land available on the island and in between millennium and shoot the rapids, you will see it is pretty large. There are tons of possibilities and I for one am excited to see what will happen here in the future.

Would the new thing be coming this year? GK was starting vertical construction near the end of the season, either before or after, while track was onsite on the last day of operation. DT was torn down starting in August. But didn't Jason McClure say something about this year being a thrill ride?

Now, I never really thought that Mantis was the next big thing to go. That paint makes me think it might be redone. Maybe even a modified layout!

Keep in mind some similar (but darker green) paint was spotted on Raptor's rails, so maybe they were just testing how another similar color would fare on B&M track.

At this point, lots of things are possible.

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There are more changes for '15...One easy way to tell..Everytime you see a new attraction/announcement, the front website is changed..Notice how it's still "new for '14."

Why would CP just market on their Youtube & Twitter and small press release. This is all far from over, if you assume otherwise, wow.

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We-o-we-oooo said:...two weeks worth of time during the season to begin a conversation process while the full maintenance crew is available.

Since when does CP maintenance build or modify rides, beyond standard maintenance?


Video title: Darkness Falls On #12.

How fitting would that be if they made further announcements on September/October 12?

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Remember during gatekeepers announcement the weird guy on the building said "wait your not telling the whole story..." And got cut off. Call me crazy but is the reaper in the video the same reaper from the gatekeeper announcement?

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Sorry if that was said already

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