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It's so foggy this morning that about half an hour ago the webcam screens were nothing but mottled gray. Now you can see some of the park but you can see the puffs of moisture as they float past the camera. It's pretty cool looking.

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Happy New Year Paisley, if you or anyone is interested look for "New Departure Films" on Facebook. They have an awesome video fro a drone perspective travelling across Sandusky Bay towards the CP Marina and Millenium Force from January 1st. It also features the thick fog, very cool.

Webcam is pointed at the Blue Streak turnaround. Blue Streak was also highlighted on the last Blog. Wondering they might be rolling that baby backwards this year? Just a wild thought.

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Ouch! more than normal...?

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

^^That would be fun. I remember Kings Island used to have a forward and a backward car on the Racer.

Was always fun to do the facing-backward side.

One of the first things Cedar Fair did after acquiring the Paramount parks was to put a stop to the backward side of the racing wooden coasters. No chance at all Blue Streak is being turned backward.

Were they just showing the ability of the webcams to zoom in? Don't recall them doing that before but maybe I missed it.

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Just beyond the Blue Streak turn-around is the parking lot entrance, which the camera was actually focused on. See, the Receiving Dock was expecting that special shipment of "Utility Marking Supplies" and spray paint to be utilized to throw sharp-eyed enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Maybe they got the parts for Maxair and moved the camera so they didn't show off any work being done there.

edit: nevermind, looks like it's back to the front now..

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I'm in a bit of a time warp here because it's been a long week so I don't know if the timing would be right but could the webcam have been focussed on Blue Streak just so that people could see it was still there and not on fire?

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Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

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Coneaut Lake Park also has (had)a coaster named Blue Streak which was reported to be on fire the other day but was apparently already in the process of being demolished.

they moved the one cam toward the new restaurant being built on the old Classic cars site... it doesnt look that big... so what is going on the rest of that land.... hmmmm...

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What camera?

Edit - Nevermind, the site was showing the old view until clicking through to the live feed.

I don't know if the view is clear enough to definitively see the size of the building. Also, there will presumably be an abundance of outdoor seating as well.

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Small update.. cross referencing google and bing maps and the webcam the new restaurant is on the right corner of the classic cars lot (where the one fountain was). that leaves a good amount of land in that area for something else... Hmmmmm.....

Keep in mind things like Google and Bing maps are updated by user suggestion. It's likely that fans and enthusiasts as clueless as all of us are the ones putting in those locations.

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Saying "hmmmmm" doesn't make people think you're on to something. There is nothing there. And Cartwright, how are satelite images updated by user suggestion?

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Not the images. I was under the assumption he was talking about the location text on satellite maps of the park.

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Wait zooming in on a location on Google maps doesn't retask a satellite to update imagery? Why did someone lie to me about that.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

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