Johnny Rockets being replaced by arcade.

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Kevin in my mind it would be something like one of the universal or Disney dark Rides that don't have much motion but maybe a motion car? Even then I know that would be tight in that space. If they really want to make a true dark ride I think a new building would be appropriate. Or they could bring back a enclosed log flume or Mill type ride.

Edit: not sure what a lug flume is and if Cedar Point would invest in one.

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Or resurrect Disaster Transport! :-D

Arcade is open. Mirror maze is inside it.

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I hope this arcade has Beat Saber.

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I'd rather be sailing

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Oh, DDR?

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Arcade is small.. reminds me of what a hotel game room would be. Mirror maze looked like it only took up a small corner of the room as well. Very underwhelming for a nice location.

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The Mirror Maze has a turnstile operated by game card. It was 60 credits, which is around $10 if you are just buying for that! Thinking that has to be a typo?. Most kids weren't paying because there was about a 2 foot gap in between the turnstile and the temporary rail. Kids seemed in an out in under a minute or two so there is no way it's worth $10 (IRRC Dino Alive cost $5 and at least you'd could kill 30 minutes in there easy). One poor family of 5 seemed to play by the rules and bought $50 in cards.

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Ah ok. I thought maybe I was just seeing a small part of the maze and the main portion went into another part of the building but I guess not.. lol. This has to be temporary until something better occupies the space.

I guess I'm not sure why they wouldn't just convert the building into a couple more games stalls but maybe this was a last minute thing and they just didn't have the time

I know people are joking about bringing back Fascination (or they were, I'm quite late to the thread) but there's a modern version of it produced called Roll-A-Bingo, so it is no longer necessary to cannibalize old electromechanical Fascination games to have one. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has just put one in and it looks flashy. It would actually make some sense for Cedar Point to install one given their recent interest in heavily marketing nostalgia about past attractions. I don't think they actually would, mind you, just that it seems like a decent idea.

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I'm not joking about it. I wish they would bring Fascination back. Played a couple of years ago at Darien Lake in upstate New York and it brought back so many memories.

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Yeah, Fascination is somewhat addictive for me, and I'll happily spend an unnecessary amount of money on it at Knoebels. It scratches that "I was so close, I'll get closer next time!" itch.

See also, those coin-pusher machines at some arcades, which the Westlake Dave & Buster's got rid of. I guess I wasn't addicted enough for them to keep 'em around.

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They got rid of all of their coin pushers?? I guess I won’t be going there. Scene 75 in Brunswick has a nice selection of coin pushers, so I guess we will stick with them - although, I’ve become more into claw machines lately. I don’t know what I’ll do with the stuff I’ve been winning, but it’s fun either way.

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