Johnny Rockets being replaced by arcade.

Cedar Point has pulled a permit to replace Johnny Rockets with an arcade. I feel like that space is big enough they could replace the current arcade and use that space for a dark ride as many have suggested in the past.

Ooh ooh is Fascination coming back??


You know that would actually be super cool!

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Let the 2025 speculation begin?

Enjoy the rest of your day at America's Rockin' Roller Coast! Ride On!

Another restaurant pulled, eh?

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

At least we now know that one's not getting replaced with another restaurant. All the other closures are still unclear if they're re-opening as a different restaurant, some other type of shop, or not at all.

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^How do you know it's not being replaced by a restaurant? So many people seem so sure about things they couldn't possibly know for sure.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!


So many people seem so sure about things they couldn't possibly know for sure.

Except for the literal language in the permit that says “Electrical Work to open arcade in the front portion of the building”

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Yeah...the front portion, as it says. How would anyone know what is happening with the rest? I wouldn't assume too much. That happens a lot around here. Also, why did quote the post right above your post? You know that is against forum rules, right?

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Yeah, maybe we got the definition all wrong, they're building the entrance to "an arched covered passageway or avenue" with a bunch of restaurants lining the sides.

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Do you really think they are going to cram a restaurant into the back of the former Johnny Rockets? I would assume “front portion” just means the dining room area and not to include the kitchen .

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No one ever makes things up on the internet.

"Formely Existing"?

At least learn to spell.

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Promoter of fog.

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I've seen plenty of "official" documentation with all sorts of troubling spelling and grammatical issues, so I don't think that, in itself, necessarily disqualifies this from being authentic.

But this is purportedly an electrical work permit, so that it lists "new flooring, paint existing ceilings" in the scope of work is nonsensical. Doubly so that it lists the final product, which is irrelevant nonsense for an electrical permit, or an excavation permit, or a demolition permit, etc.


I thought it seemed suspicious at first too, but it does show up on that BS&A site.

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Do you have a link?


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Thanks, that's helpful. The work description was copied and pasted (along with the misspelling) among the building, electrical, and mechanical permits, which explains why unrelated work shows up on the electrical permit. Mea culpa.


Hudson- good job with the arcade photoshop. That’s hilarious, I lol’d.
Arcades don’t have to be big and I’m struggling to remember but didn’t they lose FT’s Jitney Arcade to a new and improved First Aid? And there was an arcade across from Demon Drop that’s long gone now so there’s a shortage in that area. Maybe they’ll take all the old Skee Ball lanes out of storage and set those up. A Fascination parlor would be a dream. Anyway, concentrating a lot of games in that area makes sense until something new and improved is scheduled for that area.
And truth told, I’m more interested in what will happen with that hideous Johnny Rockets facade. The original neon that originally graced that corner was a treasure.
Are there any Johnny Rockets left anywhere? All of ours closed a long time ago and I wasn’t sad about it.

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Seems like every casino in Vegas has a Johnny Rockets.

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