how have Sunday crowds been?

Haven't been up to CP during the Halloween activities before. We definitely won't be going Saturday but I was curious how Sundays have been thus far. We typically don't go back up after the September bonus weekend. Thanks!

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Sunday weekends, as in those weekends that have a Sunday? Or those Sundays that happen to fall on a weekend? For both cases, they have been following the exact same pattern for all time, in that Saturday > Sunday > Friday for crowd levels.

Thanks for the info. The kid asked for this instead of a birthday gift!

No clue why I added weekends in there. The nexus 7 doesn't like to show all the words as I'm entering them!

Bottom line, Sunday is a good bet for a good visit, even with the shorter hours as compared to Saturday.

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When I was there on the 5th, the crowds were very light. The most I waited was 30-45 minutes for TTD and that was most likely because it was down for a few hours. If it weren't for the downtime, the wait would've most likely been shorter. Everything else was about 10-20 minutes. I walked on Gatekeeper around 5 PM.

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I'm hoping the Mantis squashing may take some of the crowd away from other rides. One can dream, right?

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