How embarrassing!

Cargo Shorts said:

ProTip: The First Aid centers have nice clean and air conditioned restrooms for extended stays. I use “restrooms” becuase you can actually rest there.

Proof that even after 20+ years of visiting the park I still learn new things. Thank you!

Keeping in mind that I’m sure the first aid staff doesn’t want everyone coming in to use the restroom and soak up the AC just for the hell of it. They may not straight up say you’re not welcome to do so, but I think it’s a common courtesy to not use it unless you need their services.

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The "jimmyburke Best CP Restroom of 2019" award is given to the ones in Forbidden Frontier. Each one is roomy, with only one toilet, lockable door, sink with hot water & soap, and best of all, air conditioned.

Honorable mention goes to Melt. It is inside the doors down the hallway to the right.

Çp4€và04 said:

Now for the 2020 announcement....... Seems to be missing something

The Bathrooms. Unacceptable. They announced a bunch of great things for this 150th anniversary yet not one damn word on the bathrooms.

Honestly, I'd never expect something like that to be included in a capital investment announcement campaign. It would just detract from the main focus of the launch. It's likely something you'd just notice on Winter Chill Out or when the park opens.

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CPVet said:

Keeping in mind that I’m sure the first aid staff doesn’t want everyone coming in...

Also keep in mind that these restrooms are of enormous value to parents with little ones, for whom the regular restrooms can be utterly useless in most cases. So if it's busy at the First Aid Station and parents are waiting with wiggly little ones, go elsewhere or wait until you're not making them wait.


^ Yes, that counts as a need.

I was just in Minnesota for the MNF game (Go Packers!) and I'm sure they could have made the bathrooms for the masses dumps with little notice in that beautiful building. But nope pretty much every damn thing in US Bank was impressive and up to modern standards. Doing the math I doubt they have enough events where 3 million people pass through in one year, let alone 6 months!

Bottom line the strongest argument to this not being an issue is you don't care or "Bathroom" isn't the right word.

For this New Year I'll never bring this topic up again and just accept it the it way it is.

That aside I genuinely wish you all a Happy New Year here at Pointbuzz :)

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Yeah but you can’t get into US Bank Stadium and Target Field with free parking all season long for $99... Oops I mean $129.


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Çp4€và04 said:

Doing the math I doubt they have enough events where 3 million people pass through in one year, let alone 6 months!

I feel like this argument is backwards. How nice do you think those US Bank bathrooms would look if they were dealing with the volume that CP does?

This is not to say there isn't room for improvement at CP, because there clearly is. But as you (unintentionally) point out, CP is dealing with a somewhat unique problem - an enormous volume of guests compared to most venues. Even venues that cost over a billion dollars to construct.

So yeah, CP could make the bathrooms all nice and shiny for opening day, but there's only so much that can be done when you're dealing with peak crowds in August or October.


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They can do same thing other venues that have stellar restrooms do: A full time attendant at each location especially during peak volume. Park operations go up and down but that is what SFSTL did 2011-2014.

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How come SFSTL stopped the bathroom attendants?

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Probably the same reason CP stopped sweeps. Payroll.

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Skyhawk06 said:

How come SFSTL stopped the bathroom attendants?

What does SFSTL stand for?

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