How embarrassing!

Dear Cedar Point,

You are ranked by most as the big dog of amusement parks. You are the second oldest amusement park in the US. You are the crown jewel of Cedar Fair.

You are celebrating 150 years in 2020, and you choose a river ride to celebrate it? Don't misunderstand, I think a river ride is a great re-addition, but for your 150th? This was your high profile opportunity to stomp your feet and show the WORLD you are the greatest. Not roll over.

You have been teasing us with something good for many years. The RMC conversion of Meanstreak to Steel Vengance is a masterpiece, I will give you that. But you had no choice there. Meanstreak was a liability.

2013 brought Gatekeeper. Sure it looks impressive, but in reality it's a serious yawn fest. Simply by the nature of what they are, winged coasters can never provide the amazing G's and incredible rush that a Floorless or a Giga can provide. It's a lazy walk through the front of the park. Another Iron Dragon if you will.

2016 brought Valravn. A dive coaster? Who really wanted that? A one trick pony. Not even better than Gatekeeper.

You keep breaking weak records. "Highest inversion". "Tallest and fastest of it's kind". "Longest of it's kind".

You had the opportunity to do something SPECTACULAR for a pretty amazing feat, 150 years, and you failed miserably.

Hey, maybe you will do something for 151, magic 151.

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you created a new profile on pointbuzz just to post that you're disappointed Cedar Point is not doing what you want it to do?

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

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Dear Kakrunch,

You just joined the premier CP enthusiast community. You are now among the most fervent and critical fans of one of the greatest amusement parks on the planet.

You have only one "first post" to make, and you choose to make an ass of yourself? Don't misunderstand, you are by no means the first to make such a predictable and hilariously-bad post. This was your high profile opportunity to make an informed, thoughtful critique. Not come across as a disgruntled 7 year old.

You had the opportunity to do something reasonable for your first post, and you failed miserably.

Hey, maybe for your second post you will whine about attractions being down for maintenance.


Who am I trying to impress? Why does someone with an opinion upset you so? I am not here to make friends. That was my first post for a reason. I AM DISGRUNTLED!

There really is no reason to be disgruntled! Cedar Point has THE best collection of roller coasters anywhere in the world. It doesn't NEED to add anything to continue to have THE best collection of roller coasters anywhere in the world. Be thankful you have such a great park to enjoy. And be very thankful when they do add a new coaster on their time.

I've seen some terrible hot takes here before, but damn.

The 2 coasters you decided to crap on were number 1 and 2 respectively at CP in total ridership numbers for 2018. That kinda makes your "Who really wanted that?" in regards to Valravn a bit silly, if we're being honest.

Edit : Total accident on the upvote there guys, hahaha.

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My post is obviously my opinion. There are plenty of people that love Valravn and Gatekeeper. The point of my post is that 150 years is something special, and CP missed a great opportunity to celebrate it.

Or maybe CP is going to use the 150th anniversary to celebrate something special?? The park being 150 years old. Why in the world does that require some new roller coaster that meets your standards.

I mean have they ever celebrated a milestone anniversary with a work record breaking coaster?? Lets check:

150 years- 2020- No coaster

125 years- 1995- No coaster

100 years- 1970- WildCat (not exactly a record breaker!)

75 years- 1945- No coaster

50 years- 1920- No coaster

Shocking! I guess the capital expenditure budget doesn't particularly care if its a milestone year or not!!

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I mean even if you go with non "milestone anniversaries you will see that Cedar Point doesn't often chose to celebrate with world record breaking coasters!

2020- 150 years- No coaster

2010- 140 years- No coaster (Shoot the Rapids)

2000- 130 years- Millennium Force (Obviously the one time they built a big world record breaker in a year that aligns to an anniversary year. Though I remember absolutely ZERO discussion or marketing that year of it being the 130th anniversary of the park.)

1990- 120 years- No coaster

1980- 110 years- No coaster

1970- 100 years- Wildcat

1960- 90 years- No coaster

1950- 80 years- No coaster

1940- 70 years- No coaster

1930- 60 years- No coaster

1920- 50 years- No coaster

Disregard my upvote to Kakrunch--PLEASE! I wondered who would vote for that and hit the wrong place.

CP could never install another new coaster in exchange for getting rid of the outrageous rain policy. The fact that the coasters close for nothing more than a few light raindrops is way more embarrassing than the stellar ride lineup and great guest experience the park gives these days.

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Six Flags CEO?

1974: Catering Slave for Interstate United
1975-77: Catering Manager for Cedar Point

"Just Coastin's" brother? Father?

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^My thoughts exactly. He may have just made a new account since his current one gets dragged so hard.

384 MF laps
Smoking Area Drone Pilot

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I think this thread was named perfectly.

How embarrassing, indeed.

Promoter of fog.

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Dvo said:

He may have just made a new account since he drags his current one so hard.

Fixed that for you

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Kakrunch, you obviously missed the "we are gonna celebrate over 2 seasons" spiel that the park has mentioned numerous times. With KI getting a giga for 2020, did you honestly think CP would add a coaster being only 2.5 hours away? Not a chance. Cedar Fair will capitalize on KI for 2020. 2021 will be the year for CP.

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Quite a few members here think CP effectively giving them $100 discount with the new Gold Pass is a SPECTACULAR 150th anniversary gift.

Do we spy another Troll?

I wanna know how DRE420 is making the drive between CP & KI in 2.5 hours...


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